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    How to set up Dicentis on a server with multiple network cards?


    Dicentis can run on a server with multiple network cards, adding a variable that points to the network card that connects to the APS and other Dicentis equipment is required for it to work correctly.

    Symptoms of a system that is not correctly configured:

    The system would be working well for a few hours but at some point the Dicentis services no longer connect to the APS and the system stops working. Discussion devices show a red mic light and are disconnected; no audio. Rebooting the system or services will fix the problem temporarily, but it will return after 1-2 hours.


    Dicentis needs a variable setting in Windows in order for it to choose the right network card. If this variable is not set and there are multiple network cards available, it may choose the wrong network connection. The discovery protocol can run out of another network connection which in turn makes it possible that Dicentis devices are discovered but the system cannot connect to the server.


    From Dicentis version 2.70 onwards, a Windows environment variable can be added, this variable will persist through Dicentis software updates and it’s the preferred method if multiple NICs are required in the system.

    Details taken from the Dicentis Software Manual, chapter 13.19:

    Using the environment variable, DCNM_PREFERRED_NIC, the interface index can be set that you want to be used by DICENTIS .

    1. Use "Route Print" from the command prompt to find out which Interface number is used by DICENTIS.
    2. Create a new environment variable via:

    "This PC" \ Properties \ Advanced system settings \ Environment

    Variables \ System variables \ New

    with variable name: DCNM_PREFERRED_NIC

    with variable value: the interface number you retrieved via the “Route print” command.

    Note: If there is only 1 network interface available in Windows, this will be used (regardless

    the number that was set).

    Note: If no environment variable, or an invalid number was set and there are several network

    interfaces, the network interface that was found first will be used (current situation).

    1 How to set up Dicentis on a server with multiple network cards.png

    2 How to set up Dicentis on a server with multiple network cards.png3 How to set up Dicentis on a server with multiple network cards.png

    Alternative workarounds for previous software versions:

    • Disable all network interfaces apart from the interface that Dicentis is connected to.
    • Install Dicentis on a Virtual Machine which only has access to one network interface card. Make sure that the selected NIC receives a fixed MAC address from the VM software, otherwise licensing issues may occur when the MAC address changes.
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