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    How Dispatch products support network jitter.


    What does Dispatch products due in the cases of missed packets (lost due to jitter or errors)?



    The products have a jitter buffer that allows for packets to be reordered if delivered out of sequence, if this buffer empties due to lost packets the unit will stop and restart once the "Packet delay before playback" buffer is filled.
    The product looks at the source and destination address, when a correct incoming port number is recognized the unit will lock in on that source address an ignore packets coming from another source address until the first source stops sending then the second source has access.

    There is no protection against multiple packets from the same source address with the same multicast and port numbers as this shouldn't happen.  Add to this the same sequence bit in the packet (echoes) should never be allowed.

    Packets not received or lost before their play sequence (bit) time in the buffer are lost and next packets in the buffer pulled in.

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