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    What can the NEO-10 do?



    The Telex NEO-10 is a versatile network I/O device that integrates perfectly with a C-Soft console as the control and monitoring device. The NEO-10 contains 10 C form DPST relays with all 6 contacts of the relays brought out to external connections on the unit (Normally Open, Normally Closed, and Common). There are also 10 diode blocked inputs, which can be used to monitor logic levels (0-18V) or external switch contact closures.  Input statuses can be displayed as buttons on the C-Soft console which change colors and text with state changes.
    Input Annunciation - C-Soft can also be programmed to annunciate an input state change via an alert tone or .wav file playback, upon receipt of an input state change from any of the ten NEO-10 inputs. The NEO-10 sends out multicast packet bursts to the consoles, any time an input state changes, and of course packet bursts from the console control output relay closures.  Actual control of the NEO-10 is accomplished by a TCP/IP socket connection from the controlling console. Version 5.3 of C-Soft and above, supports control and monitoring functions for multiple NEO devices on the network.  

    Echo Packets - Later releases of software for the desktop VoIP capable consoles will support NEO-10 as well. In addition to the I/O functions of the device, the NEO-10 supports 10 channels of echo packet functionality. Echo Packet is a method of copying voice/data content on the network to and from multicast addresses. These features allow the Telex multicast scheme to operate on a network without having multicast enabled.

    Automatic Relay Control - Relays can be programmed to be automatically triggered by the receipt of an Emergency from a field unit, an incoming phone call, or a PTT on the console. 

    Typical Input Devices - Any switch closure can be used to trigger an Input Message to the console. Door lock and closure switches, alarm circuit outputs, temperature limit switches, remote monitoring of radio site equipment (low transmit power alarms, receive antenna preamp failure, high temperature alarms, power failures, etc.),

    Typical Output Applications - The NEO-10 can provide remote control of overhead doors, electric door locks, lighting, radio site equipment, generators, security system activation, etc. Often it is advantageous to use a NEO-10 input to verify an output function, such as a remote door lock, monitored by an input position switch, to confirm that the door has been returned to a closed and locked condition, etc. The relay contacts are rated 1.0 amps at 125 volts.







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