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    Can I telnet into an IP-223?
    Can I configure the IP-223 in telnet?
    Why would I want to use telnet?



    Can I telnet into an IP-223?
    Yes, The IP-223 can be telnetted into.

    Can I configure the IP-223 in telnet?
    No, The IP-223 cannot be configured from the telnet session. 

    Why would I want to use telnet?
    Telnet in the IP-223 is primarily for engineering use, however this can also be a useful trouble shooting tool while in the field.  

    An example how this could be used is as follows;

    IP-223 is connected to a radio and you're not getting any receive audio back to your console. Use telnet to see if you have network connectivity and you can also see if the IP-223 is seeing any RX audio coming from the radio.  The user name for this mode is "admin" and the password is "telnet".  This is the default telnet mode and you will be able to view any RX or TX operations the IP-223 is currently processing.

    Telnet sessions in the IP-223 can also show serial data coming from specific radios in hexadecimal.  To view this mode for radios attached to serial 1 log into the IP-223 with username "serial1"  and password "on".  To view serial port 2 information the username is "serial2" and password "on".

    Telnet sessions in the IP-223 can also show incoming iDEN radio ANI and other features on attached Falcon Series iDEN phones. The user name for this mode is "lego" and the password is "mania"

    If you need more help with this contact Telex Technical Support at 1-800-898-6723.






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