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    The IP-223 and BCD Channel Control


    How do I set up an IP-223 for BCD Channel Control?



    Many radios are capable of being channel steered via external BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) control. The IP-223 is capable of generating BCD channel control via the bit lines at the DB-25 connectors. The BCD outputs are controlled by the F-Tones generated from the console, and are specified in the F-Tone tables, in the Per Line Settings of the IP-223.

    BCD bit lines are assigned to the DB-25 pin numbers as follows:

    8 -   Dig 0
    21-  Dig 1
    9 -   Dig 2
    22 – Dig 3
    10 – Dig 4
    23 – Dig 5
    20 – Dig 6

    The range for the digital output number is 0 to 128, as shown in Table 16, on page 161 of the IP-223 manual. Using pin 20 for COR limits the range to 0 to 63.

    Assignment of the BCD output values are accomplished in the Per Line Settings page of the IP-223, shown in Figure 1 below. Enter the desired numeric values for each F-Tone in the Digital Output column, (some applications may require the entry of the compliment of the channel number.)  Set IP-223 jumper J8(Line 1) and J30(Line 2) for the appropriate pull up voltage (+5, +12, or floating.)

    To verify operation of the BCD control, measure the voltage on the LSB bit line, D0, and watch for state changes as the F-Tone number is changed.



    Figure 1 - Function Tone Set Up in Per Line Parameters






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