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    How to Correct Subscript Out of Range when Using DX4010V2 to Connect to FPD-7024


    Getting Subscript Out of Range when sending the panel program to the FPD-7024 using a DX4010V2 and RPS revision 6.03 or 6.06.


    Verify the panel program

    • Press (* / BACK) key Twice – The display should read Program Modes on the top line
    • Press (1) Serial
    • Press (7) ALT. COMM
    • Enter (02) follow by (# / ENTER)
    • Press (4) Ring Count
    • Press (6) Program Accounts
    • Set the panel Ring Count and Serial Communications
    • Press (0) Enter your Program Pin – Default Pin is (9876) - The display should read Program Modes on the top line of the display
    • Next Enter Program Mode on the FPD-7024
    • Enable the LED Jumper P2 Located inside the DX4010i or DX4010V2
    • Set the Address of the DX4010i or DX4010V2 to 250 All Dip Switch ON 
    • First connect the DX4010V2 to the option bus of the FPD-7024.
    • Next Enable Remote Programming
    • Press (7) Remote Program
    • Press (1) Enable
    • Press (* / BACK) key 3 Times
    • The Red LED of the DX4010i or DX4010V2 should be flashing
    • In RPS Select Connect Via Enhanced Direct
    • When programming is complete Remove the DX4010i/DX4010V2 from the Options Buss and update the Option Buss
    • Press (0) Enter your Program Pin – Default Pin is (9876) - The display should read Program Modes on the top line of the display
    • Update the Option Buss to enable the DX4010i or DX4010V2
    • Press (3) Program System
    • Press (4) Option Buss
    • Press (1) Update Buss
    • The keypad will display “Updating . . .  TOT BUS DEVS: XX”. XX = the total number of devices on the Option bus. If (00) check the wiring and addressing of each device on the Option bus. Each Device needs to have it own unique address. Then repeat steps above until all the devices are learned to the option buss of the panel.
    • Press (* / BACK) key 4 times to exit Program Mode


    Next in the RPS program verify the following is programmed.

    Program Accounts > Phone Numbers/Ip Addresses

    • Alternate Comm is set to Serial

    Program Accounts >Ring Count / Machine Bypass

    • Ring Count is set to 2

    Program System >

    • Remote Program Enable is set to Yes
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