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    How to connect to a panel with the DX4020 or the D9133TTL-E for use with RPS

    When utilizing the DX4020 or D9133TTL-E, there are settings in the panel programming of the 7000/9000/G/GV2 series panel that may affect the ability to connect using RPS over a network connection. To determine if the panel programming is at fault, the related section of program can be defaulted using the RADXAUX1 or GV2AUX handler. This process outlines how to default using the appropriate handler on the D5200 handheld programmer.

    Utilizing the D5200 programmer:

    • Plug the D5200 programmer into the programming port on the control panel, and lock down the reset pin.
    • Log into D5200 programmer, and locate RADXAUX1 in the case of G series panels, or locate GV2AUX in the case of GV2 series panels.
    • Press [ENTER GROUP] and press [RECV (COPY)].
    • Notes

      To ensure the network connection problem is not network related, a crossover cable should be used to connect the RPS computer and the DX4020 or D9133TTL-E.

      A good rule of thumb is to assign the IP address of the computer to 1 greater than the IP address of the NIM and a subnet mask of

      Ensure the correct RPS passcode is being used, as this is required to use the Panel Test or Connect buttons and get positive results.

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