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    How to Set Daylight Savings Time and Time Sync on panel and receiver.

    B Series and GV4 Series control panels version 2.0 and higher can synchronize time with the receiver panel with proper programming. If Daylight Savings Time is enabled in panel programming, but not properly configured in the receiver, the panel’s time may be off by one hour (or more) once synchronization with the receiver is complete.
    The following article explains how to configure DST in the receiver and in the panel.
    • Do not enable Time Sync in the Network Receiver Account in panels that can configure Time Sync in the panel program.  

    Set D6600/6100i receiver Daylight Savings Time using D6200 software and set B series and GV4 Series control panels version 2.0 and higher for time synchronization.

    1.  Set the correct UTC time zone and country in the receiver.

    • Set parameter 2.2.32  item A) for the correct offset from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) Time Zone.

    Set UTC Time Zone.png

    2.  Item 2.2.3 sets the country to USA or Europe.

    • Date and time is displayed as described in figure 2.

    Set Country and time-date display.png

    3.  Configure the Daylight Savings Time in the receiver by setting DST start week and DST end week (figure 1 items B and C). Setting to 0 in either DST Start Week or DST End Week disables the DST.

     DST start week

    Default:            0

    Selections:                   MMWW

    • Enter the 2 digit month (MM) and 2 digit week (WW) for the beginning week of Daylight Saving Time (DST). For example 0302 means DST begins Sunday of the second week of March, 2:00am (the second Sunday in March). At this time the clock will be auto adjusted to 3:00am. The default value of 0 means disable the DST.

     DST end week

    Default:            0

    Selections:                   MMWW

    • Enter the 2 digit month (MM) and 2 digit week (WW) for the ending week of Daylight Saving Time (DST). For example 1101 means DST ends Sunday of first week of November (the first Sunday in November). At this time the clock will be auto adjusted to 1:00am). The default value of 0 means disable the DST.

     4.  Enable Daylight Savings Time and the Time Zone in the GV4 version 2+ or B-series panels under Panel Wide Parameters and Miscellaneous (see figure 3).  

    • Options for DST will be Disabled or US Calendar.  
    • To determine the Time Zone for your area, press F1 on the Time Zone parameter and click on the red text: Time Zones and UTC, this will open a dialog describing which UTC time zone applies to your area.

    Set DST and Time Zone.png

    D6600, D6100i, Receiver, Time Sync, Synchronize, Daylight, Savings, Time,DST                          

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