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    How to backup the Remote Programming Software database compared with exporting panel accounts.

    Frequently backing up the RPS Database to another drive is recommended for preventing data loss during casualties to computers or media. Exporting panel accounts is an alternate form of backing up data however, is not recommended over performing the ‘RPS Backup’. The differences between operations and the steps to perform each are explained below.

    File > Export performed from the Panel List view:

    Exporting the panel list creates a backup of control panel account data, however does not save a number of other vital areas of the database. The panel list export is an option which may be performed in addition to, but should not be performed instead of the database backup.

    Items saved during RPS Backup:

    • Control panel accounts
    • Control panel templates
    • Datalock codes
    • Encryption Keys
    • Operators
    • Unattended Time windows
    • History lists
    • Activities
    • Security Levels

    Steps for performing the RPS Backup:

    1. Starting from the Remote Programming Software (RPS) application window, select: File > Backup. The Backup Filename dialog box opens.
    2. In the Save in field, specify a location to save the backup file.
    3. In the File name field, enter a name for the backup file.
    • Note: Backup file names cannot include a question mark (?). 
    1. Click Save.  
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