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    Configuration Manager 7.0 feature release

    Dear all,

    please find the release information about Configuration Manager 7.00.0111.

    Configuration Manager 7.0 introduces a complete rework of the user interface, following the latest Bosch application style guide, with many improvements in readability, compactness and improved navigation for a better user experience.

    New Features

    • User Interface
      • Look-and-feel according to latest Bosch style guide, improvements on readability of form elements.
      • Screen space optimization due to higher density of presented information, optionally vertical navigation bar.
      • Scaling invariant user controls enable smooth support for high DPI screens.
      • Avoiding horizontal scrolling by adaptive column reduction.
      • New easy to use filters, supporting “Google”-like free text matching on various identifiers as well as down into device properties.
      • VCA pages with new sub-navigation, larger video presentation for easier task setup, improved calibration and Camera Trainer pages, in-field editing, object filter page, and providing tooltips and direct links to help pages.
    • Security
      • Strong password demand during first start of the program. Working without password prompts extra warning pop-up and requires specific user action.
      • Certificate creation now allows including usage. This enables fully automated batch certificate creation for larger sets of devices. The creation dialog shows the progress of key creation.
    • Cameras
      • Support for new AUTODOME IP 7000i and MIC IP 7100i with firmware 7.52, introducing changes and enhancements on picture settings and pre-position settings pages.
      • Setting an alternate home position is now possible for applicable moving cameras.
      • Support for new DINION and FLEXIDOME IP 3000i series with firmware 7.51.
      • An RCP+ message and/or a SNMP trap from cameras, if time sync fails, can be configured.
    • Storages
      • Assignment option for CHAP password on DSA E series storages added. Password must be from 12 to 16 characters long.
    • Decoders
      • Playback permission is configurable for IP Matrix since decoder firmware 9.60.


    • Support for Bosch Video Client (BVC) and BVIP Lite Suite is excluded.
    • The configuration backup of the Configuration Repository is now referring to the MAC address of a device instead of the IP address.
    • Network scan is now also possible for IPv6 networks.
    • Context menu and some configuration pages cleaned-up for decoders.
    • Improved feedback on firmware upload status and errors.
    • The character ‘+’ is not allowed anymore for camera passwords since it is also blocked in cameras from firmware 7.50 onwards.
    • The image posting tab is moved from ‘Network’ to ‘Recording’, and a link to configure accounts was added.
    • Secure crypto-coprocessor version is now displayed on camera’s compatibility tab.


    • Configuration Manager 7.0 has excluded support for Bosch Video Client and BVIP Lite Suite. Installing it over an existing installation of a previous version will encrypt the database with strong encryption and thus render it unusable for the older software.

    Please refer to the release notes for details:

    The software package will be loaded into ST4 the next days and uploaded to the product catalogue with the next sync.

    It has already been uploaded to DownloadStore as well.

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