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    FLEXIDOME multi 7000i: Sporadically disconnections - cameras become offline or unreachable

    Possible causes and solution(s)


    • Causes


    FLEXIDOME multi 7000i cameras become offline/ unreachable after some time (it can be 2 hours; it can be 2 days).

    When camera stops working, no alarm is shown in the switch log (PoE and link stay up). No warning about PoE overload.

    No ping to camera possible until power down/ up.


    • Solution


    It is important to have the network switch port that is connected with the FLEXIDOME multi 7000i IR to be configured with the below information. This will ensure that switch port will always provide a full 30W and not influence by the LLDP negotiation.

    • Disable LLDP
    • Disabled LLDP MED TLV
    • Disabled LLDP DOT3 TLV
    • Power allocation by value and power allocation value as 30W
      • FLEXIDOME multi 7000i IR needs to be allocated with full 30W POE+ (for cold environment 45w is needed)
      • use a BT standard PoE midspan (the midspan must be PoE 802.3bt supported)

     🛈 KB article on the topic of powering the FLEXIDOME multi 7000iHow to power the Flexidome Multi 7000 (IR)?


    Moreover, please perform the following tests:

    • Test 1
    1. Turn the sensor to monochrome mode (this will turn on the IR). Please note that the bubble housing should be mounted.
    2. Repower the camera (unplug and plug the network cable)
    3. Does the camera come up?


    • Test 2
      Check how the link speed settings are in the switch and camera, if they are on auto negotiate or if they have a fixed link speed.

    If they are on auto negotiate, as a preliminary test is to set the link speed in the switch and camera to 100Mb Full duplex.
    Please decrease the total bitrate of the device to 80Mb for this test


    If the issue persists, please provide the Central Technical Support team with the following information:

    • The exact set up
    • The type and model of all used network equipment
    • How many FLEXIDOME multi 7000 IR cameras do you have? Are all of those affected?
    • Pattern of the issue - for example does the cameras become inactive during night?

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