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    Fix BVMS <11 Enterprise - subsystems disconnecting

    Possible causes and solution(s)


    System Overview:

    • 1 BVMS Enterprise System
    • more than 2 subsystems (in this example 5 x DIP 5000 AIO)


    • Causes


    Not possible to connect from Operator Client to all Servers in parallel. The following message is displayed:


    “Server or configuration database is already in the server list. Remove either the server that is twice in the list or make sure that the configuration database is not cloned between servers. Relevant servers: “XX.XX.XXX.XX” “XX.XX.XXX.XX””

    Server or configuration database is already in the server list..png

    This might happen due to the servers that have the same server ID.


    • Solution


    1. Log into ConfigClient of the DIPs
    2. Export current configuration and save it anywhere
    3. Open the resulting zip-file, extract the Export.bvms and rename it to Elements.bvms
    4. Stop the Bosch VMS Central Server service
    5. Open folder C:\ProgramData\Bosch\VMS
    6. Backup the existing Elements.bvms
    7. Exchange the existing Elements.bvms with the exported and renamed file.
    8. Restart the Bosch VMS Central Server service


    If the procedure provided above had not helped remedy the situation when performed correctly, the only other thing you can try as a quick solution to move forward is:

    1. Stop the Bosch VMS Central Server service
    2. Open folder C:\ProgramData\Bosch\VMS
    3. Delete the Elements.bvms and backups (you can back them up in a different location)
    4. Restart the Bosch VMS Central Server service
    5. Reconfigure the system



    We have implemented a solution in BVMS 11.0 - Configuration Client - System - Activation manager:

    Fix BVMS below version 11 Enterprise - subsystems disconnecting.png

    Please note that:

    • This does not require a change for the Activate button to become active. What is required is enabling the Generate new Management Server ID checkbox and activating the working copy of the configuration.
    • Any favorite views created before this step will need to be recreated, as the user data is dependent on the the ServerID
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