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    HOW to activate Syslog and collect debug information for Level 2/Level 3 support

    Keeping an eye on system messages and to collect logging data at a central site just got a whole lot easier:  Syslog feature is implemented in all IP BOSCH Products for many years. Since latest firmware versions a GUI on the WEB-page of the IP cameras was added. The BOSCH IP cameras as network devices can continuously send system messages via Syslog. This funciton must be activated and configured before as a devinded Syslog IP as destination for those messages must be activated and network administrators need to monitor those data.
    There are many different monitoring tool on the market. Configuration and technical analysis functions of those are in responsibility of those software vendors. Known tools are

    • Kiwi Syslog Server
    • EventLog Analyzer from ManageEngine

    and many more. Especially for incidents that happen unpredictable and do not necessarily trigger an alert message can be analyzed with syslog even throughout reboots of equipment (switch reboot / IP camer reboot etc.) as the syslog reconnects to the destination server. As well in cases were many system items are involved this can be very helpful (several switches / many IP cameras involved).
    By using the BOSCH Configuration Manager or Bosch Configuration Client software can help to quickly setup the syslog function for many cameras in just a few mouseclicks.

    In current firmware generation 6.xx for BOSCH IP video products a enhanced user webpage to configure loggings that are also sent out via syslog 

    • Event Logging
    • Software Sealing
    • Debug Logging 

    In case this syslog function need to be was introduced and added. At the Configuration webpages those extra logging can be collected and downloaded. With Syslog logging data can be sent to a syslog server. 



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