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    How to install the BVMS Logbook Health Checker?

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    Bosch VMS version 1.x, 2.x and 3.x


    After more than 2147483647 events are written to the Logbook, overflow exceptions occur.
    After the first occurence of an overflow exception, Bosch VMS will stop writing events to the Logbook.

    In case of an overflow exception, the following message appears in the alarm list of the Operator Client:


    The tool BVMS Logbook Health Checker should be used for preventing or fixing Logbook overflow exceptions.
    The tool should be installed by the Bosch Support group.

    Functionality of the BVMS Logbook Health Checker

    The BVMS Logbook Health Checker checks the Logbook database for potential IDENTITY overflows on all database tables.
    If an overflow situation already occurred, or the occurrence of an IDENTITY overflow is imminent, the BVMS Logbook Health Checker corrects all affected IDENTITY values.

    The Logbook health check begins one hour after starting the BVMS Logbook Health Checker service and is repeated every night at 00:00 a.m.


    Step-by-step guide


    Installation of the BVMS Logbook Health Checker

    1. Log on as local administrator to the Bosch VMS Central Server computer.
    2. No part of Bosch VMS must be stopped or shut down. Especially the SQL-Server with the Logbook database must be running and the Logbook must be up.
    3. Start the "BVMS Logbook Health Checker.msi" setup. Important hint: On Windows 7 computers, the setup must be started as administrator.

    The installation starts with the „Preparing to install“ dialog.

    After a short time the „welcome“ screen appears.
    Click "Next >" to proceed.


    If the BVMS Logbook Health Checker is installed on a Bosch VMS bigger or equal to version 2.3.0, the system-configured connection string is displayed readonly.
    Click "Next >" to proceed.


    If the BVMS Logbook Health Checker is installed on a Bosch VMS smaller than version 2.3.0, a default Logbook connection string is displayed.
    The Logbook connection string can be changed to reflect the system recommendation.
    In most cases, the default connection string should be correct and there is no need to change it.
    Click "Next >" to proceed.


    The next dialog prepares the Logbook connection string test.
    Click next to proceed.


    If the test result is that the Logbook database is up-to-date, then the following dialog will appear.
    In this case there is no need to install BVMS Logbook Health Checker. Click "Cancel".


    If the Logbook must be installed, the following dialog apears.
    Click "Next >".


    Accept the license agreement and click "Next >".


    In the next dialog, click "Install" to install the BVMS Logbook Health Checker.


    After accepting install, the progress dialog is shown.


    After the installation the last dialog is displayed.


    Click "Finish".

    Deinstallation of the BVMS Logbook Health Checker

    On the Bosch VMS system where the BVMS Logbook Health Checker is installed,
    start Control Panel > Add or remove Programs. There should be a BVMS Logbook Health Checker entry.


    Click  "Change" to remove the BVMS Logbook Health Checker.
    If the setup determines that the service is needed, a warning message will be displayed.


    After installing the BVMS Logbook Health Checker, the Logbook database will be checked and corrected one hour after the first start.
    If the Bosch VMS was upgraded to version, there is no need to leave BVMS Logbook Health Checker installed on the system, so deinstall this tool.

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