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    How to transfer a VIDOS or VIDOS-NVR software license to a new PC hardware (License transfer)?

     The Software "VIDOS" or "VIDSO-NVR" with the replay tool "Archive Player for VIDOS" are all rather outdated former software developments of BOSCH ST.

    We kindly request all our partners and customers in the need to get technical support on license transfers to get in contact with a local BOSCH team (e.g. Sales contact person).
    Level 2 Support / ASA organization can assist and help you to find a correct contact person as well, but a support ticket should and can no longer be created as license transfers are no longer offered for discontinued and outdated software.

    Status of Aug 3, 2018 

    In many countries, the VIDOS Software went end of life 2011.
    With this announcement, we inform about the discontinuation of the software maintenance and license transfers. Please be aware of the EOL status (End of life).
    EOL was rolled out globally in June 30, 2011 with some exceptions in North America.
    December 31, 2012 and later it was no longer possible to purchase the software.
    End of 2015 License management was restricted. Due to many other changes (Operating system limitations and not state of the art security support), it is anyhow no longer possible to use those software. BOSCH does offer for a long time other software generations and we offer migration support from commercial side to find software today that can meet the needs in projects.

    Since 2018-08-03, BOSCH Support can no longer offer license transfers for VIDOS and similar former Software packages.

    Following Type Number and SAP Number is included:

    For more details you can check with the Technical Support for video products at BOSCH in your region.

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