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    How to troubleshoot BVMS SDK Scriplet or issues in BVMS System using BVMS SDK functionality

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    Analyzing BVMS systems with SDK components is a challenging task,
    because the functionality and the runtime behavior of those systems are harder to determine
    than for a BVMS systems without SDK functionality.
    In order to troubleshoot BVMS systems with SDK components support needs the following information and logging.


    Please prove the following information to support.

    1. Detailed description of the expected behavior of the SDK functionality.

    2. Detailed description of the actual behavior of the SDK functionality.

    3.SDK Components

    • What type is the standalone SDK application (based on ClientSDK, ServerSDK, or CameoSDK) and on which machine is it running?
    • Are there additionally client scripts, server scripts or workstation startup scripts?

    4.SDK Interactions

    • Do SDK components interact with remote Operator Clients?
    • Do SDK components interact with the Operator Client UI?
    • Do SDK components control devices?
    • How often are client scripts triggered?
    • How often are scripts triggered by BVMS event?


    • Which shared resources are accessed by SDK actions? (Dome cameras, AMG, Operator Client UI)
    • Do SDK components interact with an unreliable environment? (Unstable network, offline devices, offline PCs, etc.)
    • Do SDK components properly handle offline situations? (offline devices, configuration changes, etc.) 


    Please provide the Scriplet and/or Log files

    The optimal approach is to provide both the scriplet and logging.


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