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    How to upgrade the BVMS installation to a newer version on DIVAR IP 3000/ 7000?

    DIVAR IP 3000 and DIVAR IP 7000 video management appliances come pre-loaded with the latest available BVMS version from factory.

    In order to make use of new VMS features and to attach most current devices, it may be required to perform a software upgrade, when a new BVMS version is available.


    In this article it is explained how to do the initial system setup and how you can upgrade the BVMS installation to a newer version on a DIVAR IP 3000 or DIVAR IP 7000 video management appliance.


    Step-by-step guide


    Initial system setup

    Second revision DIVAR IP 7000 systems (DIP-71xx-xxx) allow for Appliance BVMS Installer packages to be imported directly during initial system setup. The following steps have to be performed in order to import a custom Appliance BVMS Installer package on a second revision DIVAR IP 7000 video management appliance:

    - Download and unzip the Appliance BVMS Installer archive from
    - Copy the files Bosch_Appliance_BVMS_Installer_xx.xx.xxxx.exe and to a folder named “BoschAppliance” on a USB drive
    - Connect the USB drive to the DIVAR IP 7000 system during initial setup
    - Proceed with the system setup until the software selection screen is shown
    - Select the Appliance BVMS Installer version that shall be installed on the system


    The following steps have to be performed in order to upgrade an existing BVMS installation on a DIVAR IP 3000 or DIVAR IP 7000 video management appliance:
    - Download and unzip the Appliance BVMS Installer archive from 
    - Copy the content to a USB drive
    - When the BVMS default screen is shown, press CTRL + ALT + DEL
    - Hold down the SHIFT key while clicking Switch User (not Log off)
    - Log in as BVRAdmin
    - Transfer the folder that contains the files Bosch_Appliance_BVMS_Installer_xx.xx.xxxx.exe and from the USB drive to the BVRAdmin desktop
    - Double click Bosch_Appliance_BVMS_Installer_xx.xx.xxxx.exe inside the transferred folder.
    - Wait until the BVMS setup screen appears and select the upgrade option
    - Follow the installation procedure without changing any settings

    - The system may request a reboot and re-login during the installation or upgrade procedure.
    - The upgrade procedure can alternatively be performed via Remote Desktop connection.
    - The software upgrade requires a system reboot which results in a short (~ 5 min) recording gap.



    Please note that the latest information about the Appliance BVMS Installer for DIVAR IP 3000 and DIVAR IP 7000 can be found in the Release Notes on the product page, under Downloads menu > Literature > Release notes

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