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    How to upgrade the boot-loader FW for MIC IP starlight 7100i?

    Boot-loader Upgrade instruction


    • Products
      The goal of this work instruction is to explain how to upgrade the boot-loader FW
      The boot-loader will work with all versions and has no dependencies to the main Firmware

    • Tools and parts required
    1. Laptop and miscellaneous equipment
      • Windows-based computer
      • RJ-45 network cable(s)
      • Power supply for providing power to the camera
    2. Workstation applications/files
    3. The boot-loader FW file needs to be obtained on request to limit distribution. obtain the firmware at the Domain expert or Gatekeeper (Advanced section)


    Step-by-step guide


    • Camera
      1. Connecting
        To avoid possible loss of communications, connect the camera directly to the laptop using a network cable(s).
        Do not upgrade the cameras over a limited bandwidth connection or through multiple external devices.
        And avoid wireless connection.
      2. Power on camera.  ensure a good and stable power supply and consider even redundant power, power loss during the bootloader update could permanently brake the camera

    • FW upgrade process
      1. Start the Configuration Manager
        • The Configuration Manager will scan the local network and display all found products.
        • Verify that the camera is available in the Configuration Manager.

    • Firmware upload procedure
      1. Due to the critical nature of a boot-loader upgrade, it is recommended to only upgrade one camera at a time.
      2. To enable the firmware upload option the session authentication needs to be set. Right click on the selected device(s).
      3. In the window that pops-up type in the service password.
      4. While having one camera highlighted (multiple not advised), right click and select “File Upload” and “Firmware…”
      5. Browse to the location where the firmware file is located.
      6. Select the FW file and click “Open”.
      7. The configuration manager will open the firmware upload window.
      8. Click Start to begin the upload.
      9. The upload will take less than a minute, but the reboot process will take approximately 2 minutes.


    1. Wait until the status changes to “Available”!
    2. After the status of all products has become “Available” press “Close” to exit the FW Upload window.

    • Confirm the version
      1. After the FW upgrade, verify the version of the uploaded bootloader as follows:
        • Right click on the highlighted camera and Select “Show in Web Browser…”.
        • Enter the User Name as “service” and the “Password”.
        • After the Live page has loaded, select the link, and add “version” after the cameras IP address.
        • After the version page is displayed, ensure that the Bootloader version is the new one


    If any of the cameras fail or do not show the correct version, then please contact Technical Support to describe the status and ask for advice.

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