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    Initial steps to troubleshoot BVMS OC live view and/or playback display issues

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    This article describes the initial steps one can take for troubleshooting BVMS display issues (during live view or playback). It also summarizes what initial information and logs are needed for support in order to start the issue investigation.

    Check and eventually update the version of your Graphic Card driver.

    During BVMS system tests there were documented cases of display issues related with out of date Graphic card divers. It is important that the Graphic Card driver of the client is up to date. Find the supported version of the Graphic Card driver in the corresponding to your BVMS version Release Notes (, in the section Hardware drivers.

    Please prove the following information to support.

    •  Is the issue camera type / FW dependent
    • Are all the devices in the system affected
    • Is the issue existent for all BVMS Operator Clients in the system
    •  Is the issue existent for hardware decoders, for camera Web Interface or other display Clients
    •  Is the recording, the playback or are both affected

    Please provide Log files

    • BVMS ConfigCollector logs keeping the following conditions:
      • From the machine that shows the issue
      • Including VSDK logging – please follow the steps from the article How to collect Video SDK log files 
      • VRM logs (in case VRM runs on the same machine like the BVMS MS, then BVMS ConfigCollector logs from the server)
    • Movie showing the display artefacts can be helpful
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