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    Thermal 8000 - How to identify Thermal-Shutter symptoms



    How to detect in an easy and convenient way if the camera suffers from a failing shutter mechanism (FFC > Flat Field Correction) which can result in white or ghost images?




    ⚠️ Before start, please load firmware 7.72.0008 and check if the problem still occur.
    In this version, an issue with periodic shutter failures with DINION thermal cameras is fixed.

    Below instruction helps you

    • To identify if the camera possibly suffers from a random failing shutter (FFC)
      • instead of waiting for the FFC taking place approx every ~10min, you can now fire it on command.
    • And instructs you what to collect for the Technical support department in order to allow an RMA




      Copy/Paste the script inside the camera "Alarm Task Editor" field

    OperationMode modeRel1:={High(5) Idle(open)};

    // RCP FFC command

    RcpCommand ffc:={Command("rcp.xml?command=0x09A5&type=P_OCTET&direction=WRITE&num=1&payload=0x0004050580")};
    if (Relay (1)) then ffc;


    1_Thermal 8000 - How to identify a FFC failure.png

    2     Rename the "Alarm Output" to FFC so its clear what the Button does 

    2_Thermal 8000 - How to identify a FFC failure.png

    3     See the live page whit the button to fire the FFC command at any time you want

    3_Thermal 8000 - How to identify a FFC failure.png

    4     Enable Camera Timestamp + Milliseconds

    5      Start recording if not already running, preferred method is to use screen recording, some other options are:

    • When ActiveX is installed the Internet Explorer live page has a record button
    • When using BVC the live page also has an record button in the corner
    • Smartphone
    • Any other type of footage is also good
    • Make short video clips of ~1min of each failing camera containing approx 4 x FFC (wait 15seconds between each FFC)
      A successful FFC can be recognized by the blue square that short appears in the corner

      If possible let someone walk or drive through the scene will execution the FFC.
      This will show ghosting effect better in case of a failing shutter mechanism > see example 2

    Example 1 > shutter stuck in front of sensor

    4_Thermal 8000 - How to identify a FFC failure.png

    Example 2 > No shutter in front of sensor at time of FFC
    Note: Older firmware don't show a blue square but shows in white text FFC with red border around the text

    5_Thermal 8000 - How to identify a FFC failure.png

    6     Provide to Technical support from each failing camera

    • 1min of video with 4x FFC
    • Camera maintenance log
    • Type of power used for the camera
    • Screenshot of the camera Overview page
    • Ensure the test took place with latest camera firmware , or at minimum with 7.72.0008, due its fix with periodic shutter failure in
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