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    ‎08-26-2019 01:03 PM
    Question How can I combine a ISS SecureOS Auto system (providing ANPR functionality) with a BVMS system? Answer The attached document describes the steps how to configure BVMS and the ISS SecureOS Auto system for achieving watchlist ANPR alarms and recorded ANPR detections into the BVMS logbook.  
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    ‎02-12-2019 02:11 PM
    The technical note in the attachment details device-specific as well as version-specific differences of Intelligent and Essential Video Analytics from FW 4.0 up to FW 6.60.
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    ‎02-12-2019 02:22 PM
    In BVC 1.5 and BVC 1.6 the Forensic Search option (IVA) is not visible in the GUI anymore.
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    ‎02-12-2019 02:14 PM
    There are several Video Content Analysis (VCA) algorithms available in Bosch IP cameras: Tamper Detection, MOTION+, Essential Video Analytics, Intelligent Video Analytics and Intelligent Tracking. To receive alarm events from them and visualize the results, a client is needed. Each client can choose to present only a part of information and in a different way. The attached technical note gives a high-level overview of the clients supplied by Bosch and the different integration possibilities into 3rd party systems available today. Further information concerning integration into 3rd party software can be found at the Integration Partner Program (IPP) webpage.
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    ‎02-12-2019 02:15 PM
    The attached technical note describes h ow to benchmark and differentiate video analytics solutions.
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    ‎02-12-2019 02:15 PM
    The attached technical note describes w hich camera settings influence the performance of Essential or Intelligent Video Analytics in Bosch IP cameras, and what the best practices are.
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    ‎02-12-2019 02:17 PM
    The technical note in the attachment describes how to track ships using Intelligent Video Analytics with FW 6.30, how to configure this and what the limitations are.
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    ‎02-12-2019 02:13 PM
    The tech note in the attachment describes how to set up map displays of objects detected and tracked by Intelligent Video Analytics, Essential Video Analytics or Intelligent Tracking with FW 6.4x and Video Security Client 2.1.
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