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    ‎09-06-2019 09:38 AM
    This troubleshooting guide, will guide you through the recovery steps of an DIP, without video data loss   General note:  Using a Bosch DIP system without video data disks is a non supported use case, its mandatory to equip the system with data disks to recover the system.     Step 1 - Preperation Download the attachment and unzip the content Prepare an USB-stick, rename it to SCRIPT Copy the repair.txt extracted of the attachment on the USB-stick Insert the USB-stick into an USB-slot of your machine Insert the BOSCH r ecovery DVD into the DVD-drive   Step 2 - Create RAiD1  Boot the machine and enter the Intel RAiD MENU pressing  CTRL  +  I Navigate to CREATE RAiD VOLUME and hit enter Set RAiD level to RAiD1(Mirror), navigate to CREATE VOLUME and hit enter Exit the RAiD controller, navigate to EXIT and hit enter Reboot the machine (e.g. press CTRL + ALT + DEL)   Step 3 - System Recovery During the reboot, boot from DVD, press ENTER as the line will displayed In the System Management  Utility, click on CONSOLE Type into command line "diskpart.exe" hit enter Type into command line "list volume" hit enter and search for your USB-stick called SCRIPT, note down the assigned drive letter (LTR) End diskpart.exe by typing on the command line "exit" hit enter Type into the command line "diskpart.exe /s [YOUR_USB_DRIVE_LETTER]:\repair.txt" hit enter Wait until the script has been finished and CLOSE the console   Step 4 - System Recovery On the System Management Utililty click on  SYSTEM RECOVERY (back to factory default) NOTE: Do not select Initial Factory Setup, this will wipe all existing data! As  the recovery has been completed, click on OK to confirm and reboot Do not eject the DVD and follow the instructions on your screen to initialize the system. 
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