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    ‎03-29-2019 01:24 PM
      How to identify Hardware errors based on beep codes Relates to: IP Storage/PC HW - DIVAR IP 6000 R2 and DIVAR IP 7000 R2 Both DIVAR IP units running the BIOS from American Megatrends Inc. (A.M.I) There are PRE BOOT or POST BOOT beeps. Please see the following Acoustic Error Codes. Short Beeps Beeps BOOT Description Possible Root Cause 1x short PRE Ready to Start No error   2x short PRE + POST Can´t restore Parity RAM 3x short PRE Errors in the lower memory block (first 64 Kbytes) RAM 4x short PRE System-Timer error Motherboard 5x short PRE Processor malfunction CPU 6x short PRE No RAM installed RAM 7x short PRE Exception interrupt error CPU 8x short PRE Display memory error Graphic card 9x short PRE CMOS/ROM checksum error CMOS battery, CMOS 10x short PRE CMOS read error Motherboard, CMOS-Clear-Jumper 11x short PRE L2 Cache malfunction Cache, CPU or Motherboard Repeated short PRE + POST Problem with the power supply to the motherboard Motherboard Long Beeps Beeps   Description Possible Root Cause 1x long PRE + POST Power Supply error Power Supply or Motherboard 3x long PRE Error in keyboard interface Motherboard Repeated long PRE + POST Power Supply Malfunction: To high or low voltage Power Supply or Motherboard Beep Combinations Beeps   Description Possible Root Cause 1x long + 1x short PRE Fatal Error on the Mainboard Motherboard 1x long + 2x short PRE + POST Video Problem Graphic card malfunction or wrong installed 1x long + 3x short PRE + POST Video Error Broken RAM-DAC (Digital Analogue Converter) 1x long + 6x short PRE Keyboard-Controller malfunction Keyboard 1x long + 8x short PRE Video Memory malfunction RAM on the graphic card 1x long + 9x short PRE ROM-BIOS-Checksum error ROM-BIOS (Battery or Motherboard error) 2x long + 2x short PRE + POST Video error Video-ROM error or video graphic malfunction 3x long PRE Keyboard-Interface or RAM malfunction Motherboard or RAM 3x l + 3x s + 3x l PRE + POST RAM malfunction RAM
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