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    Symptoms Connectivity problems after DIVAR Mobile Viewer APP upgrade from v3.0.0 to the new v3.1.0 Diagnosis As result of a software bug in the APP problems in the connectivity  can occur in case the DIVAR hybrid/network is running firmware v3.0.0 or below. Running firmware v3.1.0 does not show the problem. This problem exists for both Android and IOS app platfoms Solution Customers can upgrade the DIVAR firmware to v3.1.0, this will resolve the DIVAR Mobile Viewer v3.1.0 app connectivity problems. DIVAR Mobile Viewer app 3.1.1 for Android got released and is available on the Google Playstore. This version is compatible with previous DIVAR hybrid/network firmware v3.0.0 and 3.1.0  An improved DIVAR Mobile Viewer app v3.1.1 for IOS is still pending.
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    ‎07-22-2019 01:46 PM
    This article shows how to configure Input Alarm and later search for them in the Event search using Web Interface. There are only 3 different search parameters for Event type search, which are "All", "Motion" and "Alarm". Once can search for any alarms during the set time period and channel and in this way indirectly to filter for Input Alarm (if only Input Alarm triggers Recording for a particular channel). It is not possible to directly narrow the search for particular Alarm type (ex. Input alarm). 1.Configure the Input Alarm. Go to: Settings - Alarm - Input Alarm. Click Enable and Chose the respective Input (from 1 to 16), then click Record Channel and Save.  Note: The other Settings like Buzzer, Display Mon. A can also be configured but is not a must for performing Even Search. Schedule the recording. Settings - Schedule: Chose the days of the week, the time and enable "Alarm" Set the recoding stream. Settings - Storage - Recording: Chose the stream to be recorded. 2. Event Search - Chose the respective Camera (that recorded on Alarm Input) and search for "Alarm"
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    ‎05-16-2018 09:34 AM
    After changing the resolution of monitor to UHD (3840*2160), the attached monitors results always black.
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