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    ‎06-28-2023 02:59 PM
    This article explains how to avoid black lines appearing in the live view of Bosch cameras.
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    ‎06-28-2023 02:51 PM
    Can a stream of a Bosch camera be integrated into the end-user web page via http(s)?   Yes! You can use stream from our Bosch cameras to be displayed in a web page. Bosch IP cameras have a web server embedded and what you see when connecting to a camera with a web browser is a web page.
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    ‎06-14-2023 11:13 AM
    This article explains the meaning of each color on the Playback timeline in BVMS Operator Client.
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    ‎06-09-2023 11:21 AM
    This article responds to the following questions: At what temperatures does the factory installed heater turn on and off?  Does the blower turn on and off with the heater or does it run continuously?  What is the power consumption of the heater? What is the power consumption of the blower?
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    ‎06-08-2023 09:32 AM
    This article shows where  to check how many blocks cameras can be used in VRM.
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    ‎06-28-2023 02:23 PM
    Due to an error in the software interface to the secure element chip on the cameras, the chip can be permanently damaged. Follow this article and find out the mitigation of this behavior
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    ‎03-20-2024 11:47 AM
    This article presents what are the limitations of Privacy overlay in BVMS 12 (Pano cameras, h.263 & MPEG, decoder, VSC).
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    ‎06-06-2023 02:55 PM
    We would kindly ask you to upgrade Configuration Manager to version 7.62 or above. In version 7.62, several VCA issues are fixed.
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    ‎09-25-2023 11:16 AM
    If the CPP6, 7 and 7.3 cameras no longer have a live image or there is a delay in the image, and the Internet connection has been tested and is within normal parameters, it would be good to check if the cameras have the latest current firmware version 7.86.0020. This firmware version solves a 100% CPU load issue for CPP6, 7, 7.3 from firmware 7.82 to 7.86.19
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    ‎05-05-2023 08:32 AM
    Using the following command you can reset the result of People counting via SDK: http://<IP_address>/rcp.xml?command=0x0b4a&type=P_OCTET&direction=WRITE&num=1
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    ‎03-13-2024 10:04 AM
    This Authorization Letter is applicable for all Bosch Security and Safety products & software when a password reset for them is requested by customers, system integrators or by a local sales representative.
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    ‎04-27-2023 12:45 PM
    For all ONVIF, RTSP and JPEG cameras we only support one live stream, and for ONVIF you can only select which profile to use for this one live stream. 
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    ‎04-27-2023 08:07 AM
    Using the camera's Dropbox account when doing an export from the VSC app is not possible anymore with the newest version of FW.
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    ‎06-04-2024 08:34 AM
    Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) Pro provides application-specific packages for building security and operations (IVA Pro Buildings), perimeter security (IVA Pro Perimeter), and traffic monitoring (IVA Pro Traffic). While some of the IVA Pro variants are included by default on supported cameras, others can be added via licenses. This article is dedicated to describing the license process in full.
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    ‎04-24-2023 09:04 AM
    By setting a low Frame rate and a long GOP, this affects the replay.  On the flip side high frame rate and short GOP can show pulsing Live video: 30 FPS @ GOP 10 = 3 I-Frames per sec (the video could appear pulsing; the Monitor refresh rate could also play a role here)
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    ‎04-19-2023 12:21 PM
    If you will try to use these languages as name stamp for Bosch cameras, it will display squares or not the word/s itself at all. This is not a bug or a fault, Hebrew & Thai characters are not available for the on-screen display.
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    ‎04-12-2023 05:16 PM
    By design, the Dual-Recording feature is specific only in Bosch Cameras. 3rd party cameras are integrated into Bosch Systems like BVMS-VRM via our Video Streaming Gateway (VSG)
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    ‎03-14-2023 04:28 PM
    "Show VCA items" is a function which works in Internet Explorer 11 with the Bosch MPEG ActiveX installed. Due the end-of-life of Internet Explorer, this function is no longer available on Microsoft Edge.
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    ‎05-16-2024 11:41 AM
    This article lists different ways to connect to cameras Live/Playback using the Video Security Client/App: to DIVAR IP AIO/BVMS system or to Camera directly, bypassing DIVAR IP AIO/BVMS system.  
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    ‎04-18-2024 11:48 AM
    This article explains steb by step how to create the VCA fields for multiple presets in Configuration Manager.
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