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    What information is required for password reset of Bosch IP camera, SW and HW decoders?

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    What information is required for password reset of Bosch IP camera, SW and HW decoders?




    If you forgot the password of your Bosch IP camera/ SW/ HW decoder and you want to reset its password, the Central Technical Support Team can help you.

    Before requesting a password reset, please note that you need to provide some important information to the Central Technical Support Team to get help from them.


    ⚠️ The Authorization Letter is mandatory in order to proceed with the password reset.

    The Authorization Letter is available for download via the following article:


    Please follow the steps below and find out how you can reset the password and what information is needed:

    1. First, you need to open a web browser page and type the following:

    2. This will generate a password challenge code of 32 characters
    ⚠️ Please note that this challenge code is valid only for 1 hour!

    1_password reset for the Bosch IP camera.png

    info.png  Info: Another way to find the challenge code is by accessing the following URL: 




    3. Please send the password challenge code in plain text via e-mail to the Central Support Team.

    4. Additionally, you need to provide them with the following information of your device:

    • model number
    • MAC Address
    • Firmware version
    • Serial Number

    You can also provide them with a picture of the label of the unit.

    ⚠️ Be aware that in exceptional cases, you may be required to send them an invoice of your unit or other proof of ownership



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