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    DCN-NG connection issues between server and client with Win10 and with use of a SSD-disk in server


    Connection between DCN server and operator client will disconnect.
    This is occuring when using windows 10 PC's with SSD-disks.


    After restart of the DCN services it will work for a while.

    Also windows 10 has the 'fast startup' option enabled. This option will store settings and running services to have a fast startup. Because of this our services will start to fast and are not properly connected to the other services.

    And the use of SSD-disk in the server PC can cause a start up that is to fast for the services.


    In windows 10 there is the option enabled to store some services when the system has been shut down and start up again. This can cause problems with our services:

    1: disable fast start-up option in the win 10 PC:

    • go to the control panel of windows
    • then go to 'power options'
    • then click on 'choose what the power buttons do'
    • then click on 'Change settings that are currently unavailable'
    • then disable 'Turn on fast startup'

    Also the use of an SSD disk in the server PC can cause some startup problems with our DCN-NG software. You can fix this by doing the following:

    • go to the services
    • right-click on 'DCN-SW Server'
    • click on 'Properties'
    • Change startup type to 'Automatic (Delayed start)'

    Now restart the PC and test with these settings.


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