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    Time synchronisation on Dicentis


    The time on the MMD2's is not the same as the time on the Server PC/Meeting Application and will drift further away over time.

    Version(s): all, workaround for always-on systems not needed after v3.00

    Explanation & troubleshooting:

    In a Dicentis system there is one time server, this is the Dicentis server. It runs a 3rd party program called “NetTime” which acts as an NTP server for the Dicentis system.

    1. It is possible that the system time is off because there are two or more time servers in the network. Make sure there are no other devices that have a time server running besides the main server PC in the same network.
    2. Time will drift if along with the "Net Time" service, the "Windows Time" service is also running. This service should be turned off on a Dicentis Server:clipboard_image_0.png
    3. On the Dicentis server, check if the program "Net Time" is running.
    • To investigate and troubleshoot NetTime:
      • Check the settings of the program & make a screenshot of the program's window and the program's Settings window.
      • Check the logs of the program (Network Time > Settings > Logging level > View - copy the text to a file).
      • If the system is in no way connected to the internet, the time on the server PC will drift, but the PC should provide NTP information to the MMD2s at start-up prior to v3.00 and periodically after with > v3.00 so Server PC/Meeting Application and MMDs remain in sync.
      • Make sure that the firewall does not block traffic to & from NetTime.
      • If the system is connected to the internet, NetTime should be able to connect to which is the NTP server configured by default, you can check this is OK by pinging it.

    Behaviour prior to version 3.00:

    Prior to version 3.00, the Dicentis system only synced with the server during boot-up. The Server will not sync the discussion devices periodically. With version 3.00 and later a periodic sync is added.

    This meant that if you keep the system running for a prolonged time, the time will drift on the discussion devices and will most likely be slightly different on each MMD due to variation in the devices' internal clock.

    Therefore, it would be advised to periodically power off the system through the Meeting Application & power it on again before the meeting. This is in fact standard advice to spare the devices' screens and limit power consumption.

    Workaround for always-on systems prior to version 3.00:

    The best way of preventing time drift is to switch off the MMDs. Either by switching off the (A)PS or PoE switches. Once they turn on again they connect to the SW services and the MMD clock will be synchronized with the server. 

    In this system the MMDs are always on. This will have a negative impact on the product lifetime expectations.

    A workaround for the MMD time drift problem is to create a task that is started every day, week, month (whatever the need) that automatically restarts the Dicentis services.  Use windows Task Manager to do this.



    This task should run the program:

    C:\Program Files\Bosch\DICENTIS\Bosch.dcnm.Userinterfaces.ServerConsole.exe

    With the argument: RestartServices


    Note: The user account that is used to runs the task, requires administrative rights

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