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    Bosch Video support - DIVAR IP units process


    Have you recently encountered a hardware problem with one of the following DIVAR IP units?


    CTN/Model Number

    DIVAR IP 5000 AIO

    DIP 52xx

    DIVAR IP 6000 R2 

    DIP 61xx Rev2

    DIVAR IP 7000 R2

    DIP 71xx Rev2

    DIVAR IP 7000 AIO

    DIP 72xx Rev2

    DIVAR IP AIO 4000

    DIP 44xx

    DIVAR IP AIO 6000

    DIP 64xx

    DIVAR IP 7000 AIO gen3

    DIP 73xx


    If yes, then Central Technical Support team is ready to assist and solve the problems you may be experiencing.

    Please note that depending on whether the issue is related to software or hardware, the Central Technical Support team actions will vary.


    General Mandatory information:

    • Contact Information - make sure your contact information is accurate and up to date. This includes your name, phone number, and email address.
    • Description of the Issue - please describe the issue you are facing in as much detail as possible. Include any error messages, unusual behavior, or specific circumstances surrounding the problem.
    • Product Information  - include the product name, model number


    Hardware related Mandatory information:

    • The Serial Number -it can be found on the unit's label or within the System Overview and it has 18 digits. This is needed in order to determine the units warranty status.
    • The registration form - this applies only for non-registered units
    • Depending on the detected Hardware issue, additional information should be provided to the Central Technical Support team. For more details please check DIVAR IP - Ticket Requirements.
    • Delivery details - in order to receive the replacement part/unit the below delivery details are required:
      • Contact name (person) delivery 
      • Contact number (tel.) delivery 
      • Contact e-mail delivery 
      • Delivery location company name (co location) 
      • Street name 
      • House number 
      • Zip code 
      • City 
      • Country 
      • Specific directions for delivery (Reception, Warehouse… etc. )


    1. For any Software issue:

    • to receive support, make sure you have a valid SMA (Software Management Agreement).
    • also, being certificated on below trainings would be helpful.
      • DIVAR IP All In One 4000 & 6000 online certification training - click HERE to open the training 
      • DIVAR IP All In One 5000 & 7000 online certification training - click HERE to open the training 
    • depending on the described issue, the Central Technical Support team will request additional details for troubleshooting. (more articles with BVMS label can be access here)

    2. For any Hardware issue:

    • the Central Technical Support team will contact their IT partner (these units are serviced directly via our IT partner)
    • the Central Technical Support team is responsible with maintaining the communication between you and their IT partner.
    • If the IT partner will determine that the hardware is faulty and therefore needs to be replaced, depending on the faulty part, the Central Technical Support Team will help you either receive the replacement of the faulty part and replace it yourself or with the help of a field engineer from IT partner.
      • If the presence of a Field Engineer is needed there, an appointment will be scheduled.
      • Once the faulty unit is replaced, the faulty part must be returned to the IT partner  within 30 days upon receiving the new part/unit. If the product(s) is not returned within the 30 day window, IT partner accounting will issue an invoice for the full purchase price of the product(s). Please make sure that the return label if applicable is in the box upon receipt, if not please contact the RMA department to retrieve a new label.  
    • the Central Technical Support will keep the case opened until you send the faulty part/unit back to the IT partner.


    ⚠️ Please keep in mind that the faulty part/unit should be replaced only via Central Technical Support team, based on a preliminary investigation, as this is the standard way of working.


    nice to know.pngNice to know:

    1. Please keep in mind that for these units the advance replacement policy is not applicable.
    2. If the unit is not covered by warranty, Central Technical Support will provide support based on a good will and only as best effort. (Please check the Out of Warranty Statement for any additional details.)
    • Additional information regarding the warranty status can be found here.


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