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    How to license BVMS viewer (valid only till version 10.1)?

    When you open BVMS Viewer Configuration Client for the first time, the following message is displayed:

    "The system is running in an unregistered mode. Please activate your license package"

    1_How to license BVMS viewer.png

    For a proper use of BVMS Viewer you need to activate the MBV-BVWR-100 License Viewer base, which is FREE! This can be found on the Bosch Security Systems Software License Manager (SLMS) platform.

    Follow the steps below and find out how you can license BVMS Viewer for free.


    🛈 Info: This article is valid for BVMS version ≤10.1. 

    For BVMS version ≥10.1, please refer to the following article:


    Step-by-step guide


    1. Go to the Bosch Security Systems Software License Manager platform and login with your credentials or create a new account if you don't have one.

    2. Select Create Demo License menu > click the "Submit" button near BVMS Viewer (select the version you have) 

    2_How to license BVMS viewer.png

    3. Fill in the Computer Signature and all the required details > click the "Submit" button

    3_How to license BVMS viewer.png

    ⚠️ Computer Signature can be found in BVMS Viewer Configuration Client > Tools > License Manager

    4. Tick the box near "Viewer Edition 10.0" > press the "Activate" button

    4_How to license BVMS viewer.png

    5. The computer signature will be displayed in a new window. Copy it and paste it in SLMS.

    5_How to license BVMS viewer.png

    6. Copy the Activation key from the Bosch Security Systems Software License Manager page and paste it in the window where you got the Computer signature > click the "Activate" button

    6_How to license BVMS viewer.png

    7. "Activation valid" status will be displayed near MBV-BVWR-100 License Viewer base:

    7_How to license BVMS viewer.png

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