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    How to update E2800 HDD (disk) firmware?

    How to update HDD (hard drive) firmware of hard drives used in a E2800 system? 

    NetApp® from time to time provides new HDD firmware for the various HDD / disk models.
    In January 2024 an NetApp Knowledge Base Article was created that needs to be taken into consideration as well.

    NetApp  identified that the drive model in the table below is subject to failure at a much higher rate than other drives shipped by NetApp. 
    NetApp has implemented a drive firmware fix that can be upgraded to mitigate the issue.  
    This HDD firmware is released and is to be used for the below HDD models. 
    The updated firmware is available from the E-Series Disk Firmware page on the NetApp Support site. 
    NetApp strongly recommends performing this upgrade as soon as possible to avoid potential disruption.


    Part Number

    Drive Identifier












    Here also further NetApp information that is available for all customers with E2800 devices in warranty and NetApp NOW account: 


    Summary of the HDD firmware update:


    Impact: Critical = Data loss and/or cluster data outage.

    NetApp® has previously identified that the drive models listed in the table below have the potential to fail at a higher rate than other drives shipped by NetApp. Due to the nature of this issue,

    NetApp strongly recommends performing this upgrade as soon as possible to avoid excessive idle time wear of the HDD that can lead to increasingly disruptive scenarios.

    This bulletin is a follow up to SU478 to emphasize the criticality of specific drives that have not been upgraded.

    While the core guidance has not changed, this message is being upgraded to Critical due to the increasing age of systems with long running drives


    Bosch is as well strongly recommending to inform owners / end-customers to update all drive firmware for their systems using the file.

    This ZIP is containing all newest firmware for all available drives.


    How To update hdd firmware :


    For main E2800 controller firmware update, please also refer to the following article:

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