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    Multi 7000i (IR) offline sporadically- PS (IR/Non-IR)/ Auto negotiation link speed setting (IR only)


    info_symbol.png Note

    If your FLEXIDOME Multi 7000i or FLEXIDOME Multi IR is coming offline sporadically/disappears from the network.

    Start by making sure that the camera is properly powered by reviewing Section 1. 

    If your Multi 7000i IR is using the correct power but is still experiencing the issue, then review Section 2


    Section1: General power advice applicable for both the FLEXIDOME multi 7000i and FLEXIDOME multi 7000i IR.



    FLEXIDOME multi 7000i



     FLEXIDOME multi 7000i IR           



    What we learn from the datasheet.

    Multi 7000i IR and NON-IR both have heaters.

      • Heaters are never active above -20 Celsius (-4 F).

    • PoE+ is sufficient in environments that are warmer than -20 C (-4 F) for both Multi 7000i (IR and NON-IR).
      • Only NON-IR can go to -50 Celsius (-58 F) on PoE+.
        • Switch can be AT and BT standard.
        • Midspan must be BT standard.

    • PoE++ (60w BT standard) is only required for the IR model when used in extremely cold conditions, between -50 and -20 Celsius, due to the heater being used.

    Known information about powering the Multi 

      • The FLEXIDOME multi 7000 (IR and non-IR) is fully compliant with IEEE 802.3bt devices but is also compatible with some 802.3at devices.
        • Compatible with 802.3bt type 3 class 5 standard.
        • Compatible with 802.3at type 2 class 4 standard
        • Not compatible with 802.3at class 5 and up devices, the camera will experience handshaking issue (legacy 60W and 90W midspans).


    Known power sources that do work.

    • Switches
      • In general, when using any Switch with PoE++ fixed allocated to the port (AT or BT standard).
      • When using a Cisco switch and the port has 2-event classification activated, the results are 30w can be granted in Automatic mode. 
        • SMC network: SMCGS801P.
        • HP: HPs530-8G PoE+ switch.
        • Cisco: Catalyst 3560-CB.
    • Midspans (Require IEEE 802.3bt standard).
      • Below have been tested by Bosch and do work with the Multi 7000i (IR). That this is not an inclusive list, as other devices may also work correctly.
        • NPD-6001C (indoor, 60W).
        • NPD-6001C-E (outdoor 60W).
        • NPD-9001-E (outdoor, 90W).
        • NPD-6001-I (indoor, industrial, 90W).
        • Microsemi PD-9501GC/AC (indoor, 60W).
        • Microsemi PD-9601GC/AC (indoor ,90W).
        • Vivotek I36-210 (indoor, 60W).
        • Vivotek I46-210 (outdoor, 60W).
        • Vivotek I49-210 (outdoor, 90W).
        • Vivotek I69-210 (industrial, 60W).
        • PROCET PT-PSE109GBRO ver.3.
        • PROCET PT-PSE109GBRO ver.5.
        • PROCET PT-PSE109GBRO ver.6.


      Known power sources that do not work:

    • Switches.
      • When using a Cisco switch and 2-event classification is not activated and the power allocation on the used port is set to automatic mode.
        The switch will never provide more than 15w, so when IR kick-in the Multi 7000 will restart. The camera could potentially disconnect off the network.
    • Midspans (will not work with IEEE 802.3af/at, class 5 and up).
      • Because midspans are non-standard devices with respect to IEEE.
        • NPD-6001A (IEEE 802.3af/at 60w).
        • NPD-6001B (IEEE 802.3af/at 60w).
        • NPD-9501A (IEEE 802.3af/at 95w).
          • Any 30w, 60w and 95w, and is an at/af midspan.


    When connected to a default Cisco switch.
    In auto-mode the used switch-port does not provide more than 15w, this results in the camera potentially not get enough 

    • for example, when the IR turns on.
      • To avoid this and to guarantee enough power on the port, put the switch port to 30w static, or activate the 2-event classification option.

    1 Power the Flexidome Multi 7000 (IR).png

    IMPORTANT for CISCO switch Activating the 2-event option.

    This cannot be done via the switch GUI interface, and also not via the CLI section of the GUI interface.

    • This must be done using a console cable.
    • For entering the switch, you need to login with switch username and password.
      • This example shows how you can configure 2-event classification.
        • Device> enable.
        • Device# configure terminal.
        • Device(config)# interface gigabitethernet 1/0/2.
        • Device(config-if)# power inline port 2-event.
        • Device(config-if)# end.
      • Once this is set, you can switch back to auto mode, and you will see that the port gets 30w assigned.

    2 Power the Flexidome Multi 7000 (IR).png

    3 Power the Flexidome Multi 7000 (IR).png

    To see the active consumption per port, send CLI “show power inline police”
    Example - No IR ON (port 2)

    4 Power the Flexidome Multi 7000 (IR).png

    Example - with IR max on (port 2)

    5 Power the Flexidome Multi 7000 (IR).png


    Section 2: Applicable to IR variant only > FLEXIDOME multi 7000i IR.


    If your "FLEXIDOME multi 7000i IR" goes sporadically offline/disappears from the network, and only reboot helps, please verify the following:

    Models affected:

    • FLEXIDOME multi 7000i IR (NDM-7703-AL) - Fixed dome 20MP 4x 3.7-7.7mm IP66.
    • FLEXIDOME multi 7000i IR (NDM-7702-AL) - Fixed dome 12MP 4x 3.7-7.7mm IP66.


    Step 1:
    Upgrade camera to the latest Firmware.


    Step 2:

    If the problem remains, check below to determine if your camera(s) may have a HW problem:

    • Although the chance of having this problem is small, it could occur on cameras produced before July 2023.

    The mitigation is to set the following.

    • Change "Interface mode ETH 1" from "Auto" to fix "100MbFD" under Network> Network access >.
      • Additionally configure: To avoid hitting 100Mb bit-rate limit, change the used profile(s) in a way that the camera won’t generate more than 80Mb overall (this leaves you 20Mb overhead).

    If your camera works after setting it to 100MbFD, you can either choose to:

    • Permanently to use the 100Mb, Full Duplex.
    • Or Contact RMA Desk for rework to fix Auto Negotiation functionality.
      • Please document the outcome of the below on the RMA Form.
        • Confirmation that camera powered properly (Section 1).
        • Confirmation that testing took place using latest Firmware.
        • Confirmation that 100MbitFD mitigates the issue.
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