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    TB VS: Bosch Video Security App and having connectivity issue

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    All customers using the Bosch Video Security application are requested to update to latest version 3.0.3 (build number )


    What changes have been made in the new version 3.0.3:

    • Bug fix for the connection issues occurring in the former versions (version 3.0.1 as well as 3.0.2) listed below

    • Usability adjustments regarding the certificate management

    After you have updated the current version, you are able to accept all used certificates even if they are valid or expired. The application will not ask you for any further accepting anymore.


    As you looking to renew your expired certificates please refer to following knowledge base article: 




    After updating the Bosch Video Security App in version on an apple device, a login to a site (e.g. DIVAR IP 3000 or DIVAR IP 7000) is no longer possible. 

    Bosch Video Security App in version offers a workaround until the next release of the App will provide the full enhancements needed

    This article is to inform that the Bosch Video Security App unfortunately shows connectivity issues in older version

    Versions affected:
    Affected versions of the BOSCH Video Security App
    * Version
    * Version

    Note: Newer DIVAR IP all-in-one units added to the BOSCH product portfolio or DIVAR IP without BVMS included (like DIVAR IP 5000) are not affected.

    How to work with App version

    • The BOSCH Video Security Client App in version was published on 20th of June 2019.
    • In case users can not connect to their DIVAR IP 3000 or DIVAR IP 7000 units using the BOSCH Video Security App in version are requested to follow the steps here below. 

    Steps to connect to DIVAR IP 3000 or DIVAR IP 7000 using the App version

    (status 2019/06/21)
    Newer versions contain enhancements to allow secure connections to sites.
    Especially for users migrating from an existing App version below version are requested to follow the steps in this article. Version allows users to connect again to sites with e.g. DIVAR IP 3000 or DIVAR IP 7000. All units like DIVAR IP 5000 or DIVAR IP 6000 are able to connect with the App without following special steps mentioned here below.

    💡 Steps to achieve connections to existing sites using version

    1. All users with existing sites configured in the Bosch Video Security App version are requested to note and save the site URL and credentials.

    2. After the Bosch Video Security Appp version is updated to version, check for existing sites migrated to the list of sites in the BOSCH Video Security App (see below screenshot of a apple iPhone device)

    7_two_sites_in_BOSCH_VideoSecurity_App_3.0.1.75.PNG  8b_edit_a_sites_in_BOSCH_VideoSecurity_App_3.0.1.75.PNG
    3. click on the edit "pencil" icon to be able to check the site settings and to note the user credentials. Tap on "Customize" to see the site details.
    Tap on "Next" to see also the Logon details like 
    - User name
    - URL
    - Port
    - Secure connection (SSL) yes/no
    - The password is not shown visible and must be known by the technician/user

    4. Note down the details shown in steps 3 and make sure the password is known from the site.

    5. Now exit the dialog with tap on "Cancel" to exit the editing dialog.
    In the Site overview in edit mode you see the delete / waste bin icon to delete a complete site.
    This will remove the complete site.

    6. Now add your unit (e.g. DIVAR IP 3000 or DIVAR IP 7000 etc.) as new site again to the BOSCH Video Security App in version Please again be sure that version is used minimum. Use the credentials and URL noted in step 2 and step 3 and also use your password to setup the site again.

    7. In the next screen the user is requested to approve and accept the certificate.
    Please tap on "Accept Selected" and proceed to next step.

    8. As the connection is not possible without User name and Password you will see the message "The authentication failed" - which is normal when credentials have been in use before.
    Insert now your

    - User Name  (e.g. admin)
    - Password
    and proceed as normal with "Retry".
    Proceed and connection will be established. 
    User credentials.png       
    In case the user want to view a live video the transcoder will also help to find the best bandwith for transcoding.

    9. Now you are ready and users can reconnect to the site any time. 
    As soon the new Bosch Video Security client newer thant is online, BOSCH will inform here in this article. Please make use of the RSS feed funciton in your browser/mail client to get notified any time there is a new BOSCH KB article online.



    • Symptom in older Version online before 20th of June 2019

      • The below Patterns are just for explanation and are obsolete for the Bosch Video Security App This details are provided for users running on the older App version

    Pattern 1: diplayed message is „Interner Fehler“ / „Internal Error“
    initial connection directly after adding a new site works.
    All following connection attemts fail with above mentioned message „Internal Error“ in the Login-Window.

    Pattern 2: Crash in case of remote login to an BVMS DIVAR IP (e.g. DIVAR IP 3000)
    Precondition: No local connection with DIVAR IP possible:
    Connection then via remote URL --> Video Security App shows
    German message: „Geräte nicht unterstützt“
    or English message: „Device not supported“

    Please monitor the IOS App store for newer versions of the BOSCH Video Security App.
    Versions newer than 3.0.1.x will contain enhancemnts to offer an easier log-on and connnection experice. 

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