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    Troubleshooting of Video Content Analytics (VCA) task performance optimization

    In order to start to analyze and optimize Video Analytics settings for particular customer set up, we need initial information and export of example video.

    This article describes the absolute minimum information we need in order to start analyzing and optimizing Video Analytics performance.

    Video Analytics (VA) task performance optimization

    Please provide the following details:


    Symptom specific Information


    Problem Description


    • Describe the expected result from the VA task.
      • It is important to get detailed information of the results VA should provide.

    • Define what is the customer’s priority:
      • High sensitivity - miss as few true alarms as possible, but increases the likelihood of more false alarms!
      • High precision – have less false alarms, but accept the risk to miss true alarm!

    Using VA is always based on balancing between sensitivity and precision. It is not always possible to get high sensitivity and high precision at the same time.


    Provide an export of recorded video that should contain:

    Meta data:

    • for basic understanding of meta data, please read the latest Software Manual Video Content Analytics
    • for instructions about doing a video export with meta data, please read the article: How to export video including meta data (Export video including Video Analytics meta data).


    Couple of examples of false alarms (in case false alarms are the issue)

    • Provide the number of false alarms per time span (per day, per week, etc.)
    • What would be acceptable as a number of false alarms per time span


    Couple of examples of situation that should have caused alarm, but VA did not generate the alarm as expected.

    • In this case please provide the time stamp of the event and short description


    Screenshot from the Camera Calibration Verification page - only in case calibration is needed for the particular VA functionality

    •  access the Calibration Verification page of the camera (via the Configuration Manager or Web Interface)
    •  provide screenshot from the verification of each parameter used for camera calibration


    Note: For more information on Camera Calibration and Calibration Verification, please check:

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