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    What should you know when you request a password reset for the Bosch IP camera?

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    What should you know when you request a password reset for the Bosch IP camera?

    If you forgot the service level password for you Bosch IP camera and you want to reset its password, the Central Support Team can help you.

    Before requesting a password reset for your IP camera, please note that you need to provide some important information to the Central Support Team to get help from them.






    Please follow the steps below and find out how you can reset the password and what information is needed:

    1. First, you need to open a web browser page and type the following:

    2. This will generate a password challenge code of 32 characters
    ⚠️ Please note that this challenge code is valid only for 1 hour!

    1_password reset for the Bosch IP camera.png

    🚩 Info: Another way to find the challenge code is by accessing the following URL: 




    3. Please send the password challenge code in plain text via e-mail to the Central Support Team.

    4. Additionally, you need to provide them with the following information of your device:

    • model number
    • MAC Address
    • Firmware version
    • Serial Number

    You can also provide them with a picture of the label of the unit.

    ⚠️ Be aware that in exceptional cases, you may be required to send them an invoice of your unit or other proof of ownership


    5. Once you have the PUK code received from the Central Support team, copy-paste it into the Response Code box from the password reset link of the camera and click on the “Send” button.


    2_password reset for the Bosch IP camera.png
    If the camera has the firmware version ≥ 6.51, please keep in mind that the password will be changed to “service” for the “serviceuser. One pop-up message will be displayed with this information:
    3_password reset for the Bosch IP camera.png
    6. After clicking the “OK” button, you will be redirected to the Sign-in page.
    Here you should insert the “servicepassword for the “serviceuser:
    4_password reset for the Bosch IP camera.png
    7. After clicking the “Sign in” button you will be allowed to set the new password of your device. Click on the pen icon, near “service” username:
    5_password reset for the Bosch IP camera.png
    8. Enter the new password and click on the “Set” button. Please make sure that the new password meets the conditions described below:
    6_password reset for the Bosch IP camera.png


    • Starting with firmware 6.51.0026, clearing passwords was changed to only reset service user level password
    • The process is the same as above, but instead of clearing all passwords, only the password for username “service” will be reset and the new password will be: service
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