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    How to Auto Learn on FPD-7024, D7024 & DS9400M MUX Loop

    Issue - Does the panel have an Auto Learn Feature for the addressable points?

    Solution - Yes - In EPROM Revision 2.05 and higher the panel does offer an Auto Program Feature for the Addressable point on the data bus. Auto programming automatically checks for new devices on the buses. A new device is found when it is present on one of the multiplex buses, but its address is not programmed into the control panel's site-specific memory. If a new device is detected, the D7024 shows the following menu (where “xxx” is the address of the first new device found):


    3 - I/O MODULE
    4 - MUX SMOKE
    5 - SMOKE W / FRZ
    6 - DUAL INPUT
    0 - NO DEVICE

    This menu allows the device type to be defined. Press the number key corresponding to the device type installed at the address. If a detected device should not be installed and left inactive, press [0] to bypass the new device.

    All inputs are configured to use Point Function 10 as they are added. Points added during Auto Programming are not configured for the following operations:

    • Point Function 10 (Fire Alarm, Fast Response, Non-silenceable, Not Local-only)
      • Open Status = Trouble
      • Output Zone 9
      • Alarm Verify = NO
      • Latching = YES

    You can change input point programming when Auto Programming completes using the Input-Programming Menu. When I/O modules are added during Auto Programming, the relay (second point) is configured to activate on any alarm, non-silenceable (Zone 63). You can change this when Auto Programming completes using the Output-Programming Menu.

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