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    2 weeks ago
    A sticker on the front of the B450 indicates proper switch positions for selecting various SDI or Option Bus addresses (see figure 1). Figure 1 Sticker with address configurations   There are 2 types of FPD-7024 panels. It must first be determined which is in use before selecting the B450 address: Newer types with firmware version 1.06 and higher. These types are identified by icons on the keypad instead of words (see figure 2). Older types with firmware version 1.03 and lower. These types are identified by words on the keypad. Figure 2 Version 1.06 with Icons vs 1.03 with words   Version 1.06 & newer types: When used as sole communicator or backup to phone line, set the address wheel at 9 for Option Bus address 250. When used as backup to a primary network communicator, set the address wheel at 6 for Option Bus address 134. RPS connections require Option Bus address 250. Be sure the address wheel is set at 9 on the network communicator intended for RPS connections (Ethernet is preferred when allowed). Version 1.03 and older types: Use Option Bus address 250. Only one network communicator is available on these panel types.
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    4 weeks ago
    Issue Connect the FPD-7024 to RPS with the DX4010V2   Solution Connect the DX4010V2 to the FPD-7024 option bus (main board lower right corner) observing proper wiring connections; R-B-G-Y. Set all DX4010V2 dip switches (1-8) to Up and On for option bus Address 250. Press (0) on the faceplate keypad to enter Program Mode. Enter your Program PIN (default = 9876). The top line of the display should read Program Modes. Press (3) Program System. Press (4) Option Bus. Press (1) Update Bus. Note:       The keypad will display “Updating . . .  TOT BUS DEVS: XX”.  XX = the total number of devices on the option bus.  If an incorrect total of devices appears, (i.e.  00), inspect wiring and addressing of option bus devices and repeat steps 5-7. Each option bus device must have a unique address. Press (7) Remote Program. Press (1) Enable. Press (* / BACK) key two times to return to Program Modes. Press (6) Program Accounts. Press (4) Ring Count. Enter 02 followed by (# / ENTER). Press (7) ALT. COMM. Press (1) Serial. Press (* / BACK) key 3 times to exit programming. The red LED inside the DX4010V2 should be flashing. Open the FPD-7024 account In RPS, select Connect via Enhanced Direct. Note: If the DX4010V2 LED is not flashing, open the DX4020V2 cover and ensure the LED Jumper P2 is in place
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    ‎07-23-2021 06:52 PM
    Part numbers, D344-RT (Remote Test Plate with Blue Test coil), D307 (Remote Test Plate), D341, D341P, D342, and D342P. How to correct the D344-RT not resetting the D341/D342 duct detector.
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    ‎07-19-2021 03:39 PM
    This article provides instructions for exporting and saving the program from an FPA-1000 to be imported into a replacement FPA-1000 panel. This information may be needed when replacing an FPA-1000 fire panel with another with intentions to use the same panel program.
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    ‎04-09-2021 06:23 PM
    How to configure the FPD-7024 to communicate by phone using keypad programming. How to use keypad programming to configure the FPD-7024 for phone communications.
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    ‎04-02-2021 05:25 PM
    This feature blocks the programming feature through the keypad of the FPD-7024. This feature is only enabled via RPS.   Step-by-step guide   1 Connect to the Panel via RPS an Open the FPD-7024 programming sheet.   2 Go into Program Accounts and Remote Access Security.   3 Open Anti-takeover Setting and Select "Lock all local programming (except Date/Time and all user PINs)" to block the programming via keypad of the panel.  
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    ‎10-20-2020 07:38 PM
    Part numbers FPA-1000, FPA-1000-UL, FPA-1000-V2
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    ‎02-19-2021 04:42 PM
    Part numbers FPD-7024, B426, B420, DX4020, B450, B440, B441, B442, B443, B444
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    ‎05-28-2020 02:33 PM
    Part numbers D7212B, D9112B, D7212B1, D9112B1, D7212, D7412, D9112, D9124, D9412, D7212G, D7412G, D9124G, D9412G, D7212GV2, D7412GV2, D9124GV2, D9412GV2, D7212GV3, D7412GV3, D9412GV3, D7212GV4, D7412GV4, D9412GV4, B8512G, B9512G, FPD-7024, D7024, DS9400, DS9400I, DS9400M, D8112, D8112E, D8112E1, D8112G, D8112G1, D8112G2, B465
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    ‎02-16-2021 07:14 PM
    Part numbers D1005, DS250, MX250, D7050, D7050TH, D285, D7050DH, D263THS, D273, D273ES, DS260, DS282, DS282-CR, DS284, DS284-CR, DS284ES, DS250TH, DS250DH, DS282TH, DS282THS, DS282THC, DS284TH, DS284THS, DS284THR, DS284THSR, DS284THCS, DS284THC, DS284IS, DS284THES, MX250, MX250TH, D286, D263TH, D263THS, D263THC, D273THR, D273THSR, D273THC, D273THCS, D273THE, D273THS, D273TH, D273IS, MX250DH, MX280, MX280TH
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    ‎01-18-2021 10:40 PM
    How to upgrade the FPA-1000 from Version 1 to Version 2.
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    ‎10-08-2020 07:54 PM
    How to Correct Subscript Out of Range when using DX4010V2 to connect to FPD-7024. Products - FPD-7024, DX4010V2
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    ‎04-13-2020 10:17 PM
    FPA-1000; FPA-1000-V2; DS9400; DS9400I; DS9400M; D7024; FPD-7024; FPP-RNAC-8A-4C; Wheelock / Cooper / Eaton Exceder LED 3 Strobes and Horn Strobes
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    ‎01-30-2020 06:19 PM
    Can the installer code be returned to default in the FPD-7024, D7024, DS9400, DS9400I, DS9400M fire panels? Will the panel program be returned to default if steps are followed to default the installer code?  
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    ‎01-28-2020 03:52 PM
    Wiring the F220-B6PS and F220-B6PM bases. Wiring F220-B6PM with F220-B6 Slave bases.
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    ‎07-17-2018 03:51 PM
    Part numbers D10024A, D10024, D9024, D8024
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    ‎01-27-2020 07:10 PM
    Note:  The Master - Slave application is used to save on popit addresses for a large systems. You can use one popit address for a long hall or one large room that would otherwise require several addresses to cover it. 1.  The F220-B6PM is a 24 VDC 4-Wire Master Popited Base that supervises up to nineteen F220-B6 Two-Wire Slave Bases. The two-wire slave detectors then report as the master base address. 2.  The F220-B6PS 4-Wire Popited Base operates on 12 or 24VDC that does not support 2-Wire Slave bases. 3.  The F220-B6PS, F220-B6, and the F220-B6PM bases can use any of the following smoke or heat heads.      F220-P - Photoelectric Smoke Detector      F220-PTH - Photoelectric Smoke Detector with 135F/57C Heat Sensor      F220-PTHC - Photoelectric Smoke Detector with 135F/57C Heat and Carbon Monoxide Sensors      F220-135 - Electronic Rate of Rise/Fixed Temperature 135F/57C Heat Detector      F220-135F - Electronic Fixed Temperature 135F/57C Heat Detector      F220-190F - Electronic Fixed Temperature 190F/88C Heat Detector
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    ‎12-04-2019 10:26 PM
    How to correct the FPD-7024 or D7024 error: Programmed Points Exceeds Max. How to correct the FPD-7024 or D7024 error: PRGRMMD POINTS EXCEED MAX.
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    ‎12-03-2019 10:46 PM
    FPA-1000, FPA-1000UL, FPA-1000V2, FMR-1000-RCMD, FRM-1000-RA
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    ‎11-22-2019 07:10 PM
    FPA-1000, FPA-1000UL, FPA-1000V2, Panel Grounding, Ground Fault
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