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    How to Clean a D282A Smoke Head


    What is the procedure for cleaning the D282A?


    Tools needed:

    - Hochiki America's NSRT-A100 tool.

    - A small soft-bristled artist's paint brush

    - Denatured alcohol

    - Clean dry compressed air

    How to remove the outer cover from the D282A.

    1) Place the D282A to be disassembled on the Hochiki America's NSRT-A100 tool

    2) Using your thumb and index finger rotate the D282A back and forth until it drops into place on the NSRT-A100.

    3) Grasp the D282A firmly and rotate it clockwise approximately 30 deg.) until the Locator on the D282A lines up with the Mounting Ears of the NSRT-A100. The contact blades on the D282A will engage on the NSRT-A100

    4) The D282A cover is now disengaged from the body and can be removed by pulling the D282A cover away from the NSRT-A100.

    After the cover has been removed, Now the cleaning can begin.

    NOTE : Use only lint-free materials when cleaning the chambers of the photoelectric smoke detector. Use of fibrous materials may result in false alarms.

    Cleaning the detector: Follow the steps in this section to clean the detector.

    CAUTION: Do not attempt to remove the insect screen.

    1) Place the detector in the palm of your left hand and grasp the Chamber Cover with your right hand. Twist the Chamber Cover counter clockwise until the Cover Tabs clear the Tab Catches. Lift and separate the Chamber Cover from the Optical Unit.

    2) Swab the Optical Unit with denatured alcohol using a small soft bristled brush.

    4) Use dry clean compressed air to dry the optical unit and to remove any remaining particles.

    5) Clean the Chamber Cover and Outer Cover in the same manner.

    Reassemble the detector

    Follow the steps to reassemble the detector.

    1) Locate the Alignment Arrows on both the Chamber Cover and the Optical Unit.

    2) Set the Chamber Cover onto the Optical Unit while making sure that Alignment Arrow 1 and Alignment Arrow 2 are aligned with one another.

    3) Holding the detector in your left hand and grasping the Chamber Cover with your right hand, rotate the Chamber Cover clockwise until the Cover Tabs snap into the Tab Catches.

    4) Place the Outer Cover of the detector nose down on a flat surface.

    5) Align the Outer Cover Nub with the Alignment Arrow on the Enclosure (two orientations are possible, only one will fit properly).

    6) With the Outer Cover Nub aligned with the Alignment Arrow, press down firmly on the back of the detector. The detector will snap into the Outer Cover. The detector is now ready to be returned to the base from which it was removed.

    7) The detector should be re-tested by following the test procedure found under D282A Test Sensitivity..

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