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    How to Clean the DS200HD Smoke Head


    What are the proper steps in cleaning a DS200HD smoke head?


    • Turn off all electrical power to the detector.
    • Depress the tab on the two sides of the detector adjacent to the LED, and pull the unit from its base.
    • Fill three (3) clean buckets each with 1-1/2 gallons normal tap water.
    • NOTE: De-ionized or distilled water is preferable in areas where hard water with large mineral content is prevalent.
    • Add one (1) teaspoon of dishwashing liquid (Ivory Dishwashing liquid only) to the first bucket and mix thoroughly, then place the dirty detector into the soapy water until it is completely submerged. Allow the unit to soak for approximately ten (10) minutes, then agitate to insure all dust and dirt is removed.
    • Remove the unit to the first clean water bucket, submerge detector and agitate for 5-10 seconds to remove all soap residue.
    • Finally, move unit to the second clean water bucket, and repeat the procedure in step #5. Remove from second bucket, then vigorously (not violently) shake unit to drain all water. Remove unit to dry area and allow to drain and dry by resting unit on its side. Allow unit to dry for a period of 72 hours before use.


    Air Dry units only.

    Do not use any hot air device or attempt to place unit in oven, as this will result in damage to the detector. Also wash and rinse water should be changed every 5-7 units to maximize the results.

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