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    How to Configure Audible Silence on G-Series Panels

    Summary Fire Relay Sustain Eprom Revision 6.80 or higher for the D7000/9000 & D7412G, D9112G, D9412G panels and Eprom Revision 7.03 or lower for the GV2 Series panels.

    (See *Note below for GV2 panel 7.05 and higher) When the Silent Alarm Relay for Area 2 is programmed with 24, the Summary Fire Alarm Relay remains active until all Fire Alarms are cleared from the keypad display. The default operation is consistent with the Summary Fire Relay operation in Version 6.60 and older.

    This feature provides a method of maintaining fire strobes after the alarm bells are silenced. Audible silence is done by using two outputs from the panel, one output that silences with a Valid Code and ENT, will silence the horns; the second output remains On or Active to run the strobes until all Fire Alarms are cleared from the keypad display with a Valid Code and ESC.

    The wiring is as follows:

    1.) Wire Relay A Terminal 6 of the panel to the Trigger of the First D192C/G - (Program Relay A as Fire Bell) Wire the Alarm Output of this D192C/G to the Horn Input of a NAC Power Supply or Sycn Module and wire the 560 Ohm EOL across the horn input of a NAC Power Supply or Sycn Module.

    2.) Wire Relay B Terminal 7 of the panel to the Trigger of the Second D192C/G - (Program Relay B as Fire Summary) Wire the Alarm Output of this D192C/G to the Strobe Input of a NAC Power Supply or Sycn Module and wire the 560 Ohm EOL across the last device or across the strobe input of the NAC Power Supply.

    *NOTE - GV2 Series panels Eprom Revision 7.05 and higher Fire Summary Sustain is Enable in GV2AUX - Miscellaneous - Fire Summary Sustain. All GV3, and GV4 panels have this same option.

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