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    How to Configure Audible Silence on the D7000/D9000 FACP


    When using two D192C or D192G modules for audible silence the system will not trigger relay B when a fire alarm is activated.


    The point index for point 3 and relay B in Relay Parameters has not been programmed correctly.

    Ensure the D136 is plugged in the ALT. Bell Socket 3 pins up, 2 pins down.

    You will need to edit the point index that is assigned to point 3 for relay “A” and relay parameters for relay “B”.

    1. With your D5200, copy 9000 MAIN from the panel.
    2. Go to Relay Parameters – Panel Wide Relays, and place a “B” into summary alarm.
    3. Then go to Area Wide Relays, and make sure that there is an “A” for Fire Bell.
    4. There should be a zero for Alarm Bell.
    5. Send changes to panel.
    6. Copy RADXPNTS from the panel.
    7. Program points 1 and 2 with a zero for the type, a nine for the response, a two for buzz on fault, and fire point as Yes.
    8. All of the other options will be a No.
    9. For point three, which is wired to relay “A” edit the index as follows.
    10. The type will be a zero, the response will be a 2, and local while armed and disarmed will be a Yes.
    11. All of the other options for that index will be a No.
    12. Program the text for point three to say PRESS COMMAND 4.
    13. Relay “B” provides the trigger voltage for the strobes from the D192C or "G".
    14. Relay “A” provides the trigger voltage for the horns from the other D192C or "G".
    15. When a point is in fire alarm both D192C’s or "G's" will have 13.7vdc to the output.
    16. Once alarm silence is pressed or a valid code is entered then relay “A” will silence, and relay “B” will stay energized.
    17. In order to silence relay “B” press command 4 or passcode + escape.

    Part numbers D192C, D192G, D7212, D7412,D9112, D9124, D9412, D7212G, D7412G, D9112G, D9124G, D9412G

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