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    How to Configure D8112 Pulsing Output for Fire


    Instructions for setting up any model D8112 to give a pulsed output on a fire alarm.


    A pulsed bell output for fire on the D8112 is dependent on what is programmed into item #75 PULSE. It is a yes or no value. To begin, the fire circuit's zone code should be programmed as a 3181. This code gives the standard fire response of trouble on an open circuit, instant alarm on a short circuit, and restoral reports.

    Assuming there is a D136 relay inserted in socket K6 to activate terminal 7 (Alternate Alarm output)

    The following will occur...

    If Item #75 PULSE is programmed as a YES, a fire alarm will create a pulsing 12vdc output in terminal 6 (Main Bell Output) and a steady 12vdc output at terminal 7. On a non-fire alarm, Terminal 6 will produce a steady output; terminal 7 will produce no output.

    If Item #75 PULSE is programmed as a NO, a Fire alarm will cause no output on terminal 6, and a steady output on terminal 7. On a non-fire alarm, terminal 6 will provide a steady output, terminal 7 will supply no output.

    Terminal 6 is the only output that can be made to pulse. Terminal 7 will always produce a steady output on a fire alarm, regardless of whether Item #75 PULSE is programmed as a Yes or a No.

    Part numbers D8112, D8112E, D8112E1, D8112G, D8112G1, D8112G2

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