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    How to Configure the Panel to Connect with RPS without Locking the Panel Reset


    Is there a way to access the panel using a DX4010i without locking down the reset pin?


    Yes, copy RADXAUX1 using the D5200 programmer or remotely using Ram IV or RPS.

    If using the D5200:

    *Make sure the DX4010i switch setting is set to address 88 (1, 2, and 3 are ON and 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are OFF) if using a 7000-9000 series panel.

    1. Lock down the reset switch, and use the down arrow key to select SDI Ram Parameters then press the "RED" enter group key.
    2. Place a "YES" in Enable SDI Ram then press the "WHITE" enter key.
    3. Press the "RED" exit group key and use the down arrow key to select Enhanced Communication then press the "RED" enter group key.
    4. Place a "YES" in Enhanced Communication then press the "WHITE" enter key.
    5. Press the "RED" exit group key and then press the "RED" send load key.
    6. When the message appears that the send was successful then unlock the reset switch and unplug the D5200 from the panel.
    7. Make sure that the DX4010i is wired to the panel using one of the two methods listed in the installations instructions. Click herefor Installation Instructions.

    If using Ram IV or RPS:


    • Select the account record that has been created for this panel in Ram IV or RPS then click the connect button located on the top of the page.
    • Click on the drop down list that says, "Connect Via" and select enhanced communication.
    • Select the correct communication port and ram passcode then click connect.
    • The panel should now be connected to Ram IV or RPS.
    • *If connecting via phone line then a compatible modem is needed.  The StarComm or SecurComm by Bosch Security Systems p/n (Modem-kit-2400B) is recommended.
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