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    How to Define FE Report From D2071 DACT Family


    The panel is sending an "FE" at timer test. What causes this signal to be sent?

    The signal "FE" is an off normal timer test. Either there is a point trouble,  power trouble or phone trouble at timer test.

    Program the Timer Test for 3 minutes. This is done by setting hour to report to 00 and minutes to report to 03.

    Load the program in the DACT using the D5050 Programmer if using the DS9471 or 911A, and for the D5200 Programmer use the D2071, D2071A, 911A, or DS9471.

    When you remove the programmer, the DACT will send a Restoral 9 or Reboot 9 signal to Central Station, and also any Trouble Conditions the DACT may have. Then 3 minutes after that Signal it should send a Timer Test as a Restoral E or an EE. If Central Station receives a Trouble E or FE with no trouble signal sent then check the phone wiring. It may have a house wire in place of a street wire. Examples: House Tip and Ring or House Ring and Tip. Both ways still allow the DACT to dial out, but it causes the DACT to send an Off Normal Timer Test (Trouble E or FE) at Test Time.

    Part numbers D2071A, DS9471, 911A, 911AC, D2071AC, D2071AHC, D2071ACPL-1, D2071ACT, D2071AH

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