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    How to Define "RECEIVED FAILED, MAIN REV" Message on the D5200


    When trying to receive a copy of the program, a message comes up on my D5200 that says, "RECEIVED FAILED, MAIN REV."


    This means there is something wrong with the handler that is being used.

    1.) Delete the handler that was being used

    • Go to the main handler screen and press the red "ENTER GROUP" button on Delete.
    • Enter in the handler name and press the white "ENTER" button
    • Press the "Y" key when it asks if you are sure.
    • Handler is now deleted

    2.) Call our upgrade line to receive a new handler - The toll free number is 1-800-657-4584.

    **NOTE - The D5200 can only dial pulse.  If a 9 or other character is needed to be dialed first to get an outside line then the D5200 will not be able to be updated from that line.

    *Plug the programming cord into the telco port on the D5200 and the other end into a standard wall jack. Follow the instructions below:

    • At the main handler screen, press the red "ENTER GROUP" button on Update
    • Enter in the handler name and press the white "ENTER" button
    • Include help should be set to "NO" then press the white "ENTER" button
    • For phone, enter in the number above from step 2 then press the white "ENTER" button twice.

    3.) At the Mode, select where the handler is to go by pressing the Space Bar to either "TELCO->A" to place it on the A drive or "TELCO->B" to place it on the B drive if installed.

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