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    How to Diagnose EVAX LED Trouble Codes


    The EVAX panel is flashing a trouble code, what do the different flashes mean?


    Under a fault condition, the Yellow LED will remain on. The Green LED will flash. The number of flashes display a code depending on the specific type of fault. When there is a fault condition, the contact connecting the FACP signal circuit to the EOLR will open indicating the fault to the panel which will provide annunciation.

    When a unit goes into a Trouble Condition, the Yellow LED will remain on until the trouble is cleared. The Green LED will flash a Code to indicate the type of Trouble Condition. There will be a pause between repeats of the code. When multiple Trouble Conditions occur at the same time, the codes will add together. The number of flashes and associated Trouble Condition are listed below.

    Trouble Codes

    Power Failure 1

    Open Speaker Circuit 2

    Shorted Speaker Circuit 4

    External Trouble / Ground Fault 6

    Amplifier Trouble 8

    Microphone Trouble 16

    Battery Trouble 32

    * 6 flashes typically indicates “External Trouble”, such as an EVX-RM. If LED 4 is on, the 6 flash indicates a ground fault. If both a ground fault condition and an external trouble occur simultaneously, the fault codes will not combine for 12 flash.

    Part numbers EVAX25, EVAX50, EVAX100, EVAX200, EVAX150,

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