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    How to Direct Connect to the DS9400 & 7024 Series FACP


    Bosch can do a direct connect using a modem onsite from the panel to the laptop.
    How can the fire panel be programmed onsite with a laptop with RPS?

    Tech-Support recommends using the Securcomm modem for the following procedure. Also the following procedure assumes you have basic knowledge of RAM IV or RSP software.

    1) Remote Programming needs to be Enabled on the panel. Out of the box this feature is not turned on. Follow the steps below to Enable Remote Programming.

    • A) Enter Program Mode: Press 0
    • B) Enter Valid Pin (Default is 9876)
    • C) Press 3 (Program System)
    • D) Press 7 (Remote Program)
    • E) Press 1 (Enable)
    • F) Press Clear (*) key 5 to 6 times to exit Program Mode, the display should read " System Normal "

    2) PC / Laptop Setup:

    • A) RAM IV or RPS Software needs to be installed on the PC or Laptop
    • B) A Security Dongle needs to be plugged in the Parallel Port (part number D5370) or USB Port (part number D5370-USB) to Communicate with the panel
    • C) Connect the modem to the Comm Port
    • D) Create and account for the panel or use and existing account.

    3) Modem wiring:

    • A) Connect the modem line to phone line1 of the panel (bottom phone line on panel).
    • B) Plug the AC transformer for the modem into 110 VAC.

    4) Connecting to panel:

    • A) Click on connect in the software.
    • B) Set the phone number in the software to 333.
    • C) Click on connect in the software.
    • D) After hearing the modem dial, Press Test 5 on the panel.
    • E) Enter Valid Pin (Default is 9876).

    The panel display should read " Remote Program Active ".

    The remote software is now connected to the panel.

    Part numbers FPD-7024, D7024, DS9400, DS9400I, DS9400M, RPS, MODEMKIT-2400B


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