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    How to Enable FACP for RPS Programming

    Perform these steps to enable the D7024, FPD-7024, DS9400, DS9400I, and DS9400M for RPS programming via phone line with a compatible RPS modem:

    1. Press (0) Enter Program Mode.
    2. Enter Pin (Default is 9876).
    3. Press (6) Accounts.
    4. Press (4) Ring Count.
    5. Set Ring Count to (02) #.
    6. Press the (*) key two times or until you see PROGRAM MODES.
    7. Press (3) System.
    8. Press (7) Remote Program.
    9. Press (1) Enable.
    10. Press the (*) key five times to Exit Program Mode.
    11. You need to dial Line 1 on the panel. It is the second line down on the panel (it is NOT the line in the top right).
    12. Before connecting with RPS, perform an Auto-Learn with at least one Mux Device connected to the Mux loop, then send your RPS program to the panel.
    13. Press (0) Enter Program Mode.
    14. Enter Pin (default is 9876).
    15. Press (9) Program Mux.
    16. Press (4) Auto Program.
    17. Press (1) Yes.
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