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    How to Passcode Protrect the DRILL buttom on the B925F & B926F Keypads

    In RPS panel programming  - User Configuration > User (Keypad) Functions > Walk Test All Fire Point

    Walk Test All Fire Points

    Default: P

    Disable (-) - Disable this function panel wide regardless of the user's authority leve

    Enable (E) - Enable this function panel wide without requiring a passcode.

    Passcode (P) - Require a passcode to enable this function panel wide.
    This parameter disables, enables without passcode required, or enables with passcode required, the Fire Walk Test user function and the Fire Drill function (DRILL key on B925F & B926F keypads).
    The Fire Walk Test includes fire points and gas points. Controlled points and 24 hour points cannot be tested using this Fire Walk Test.
    When a Fire Walk Test starts
    The control panels sends a FIRE WALK START report to the central station receiver.


    There is local alarm annunciation only, no alarm reports are sent to the central station receiver. The control panel is powered by the battery only. The Fire Bell output activates for 2 seconds for each fire point or gas point that is tested.
    All fire points and gas points with the Resettable parameter set to YES, automatically reset when tested. [SENSORS RESETTING] shows at keypads.

    The keypad shows the point text for each point as each it is tested, and an updated "points tested" count.
    The test ends after all points are tested or after 20 minutes of no activity. The control panel sends a FIRE WALK END report to the central station receiver.
    If fire points or gas points are faulted when Fire Walk Test ends, the points are bypassed and the trouble tone sounds. The keypads show the bypassed points and the trouble condition.
    When a Fire Drill starts
    The control panel sends a FIRE DRILL START report to the central station receiver.
    The Fire Bell output activates until a user ends the drill by silencing the Fire Bell.
    Fire points and gas points are active. An alarm on a fire point or gas point ends the drill. The control panel sends Fire alarm reports.
    When the fire drill ends, the control panel sends a FIRE DRILL END report


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