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    How to Perform Functional Test omn Morley Panels


    How do I test led's, lcd's, zones, and outputs on Morley Analog Series Panels?


    5.4.1 Test

    To display the Test Menu, press [2]. The test menu allows the user to test:

    - The LEDs on the front panel display.

    - The alphanumeric (liquid crystal) display.

    - The detection and alarm initiating devices connected to the signaling loop.

    - The NAC outputs and other alarm condition output devices connected to the system. LEDs Test

    - To select the option, press [1].

    - To terminate the test, press [No].

    - The panel will flash all of the indicators on the LED Display and will step through all the Zone ALARM and TROUBLE indicators. LCD Test

    - To select the option, press [2].

    - To terminate the test, press [No].

    - The alphanumeric display will flash all displayable characters in all positions of the display and then return to the menu. Zones Test

    - The ‘Walk Test’ option allows the user to conveniently test the detection and alarm initiating devices without having to continually reset the panel.

    - To select the option, press [3].

    If no action is taken at this point, the display will automatically revert to the normal display after 1 minute. Pressing SHIFT or > will return the display to the test display.

    - The display will then prompt for whether the NAC outputs should ring:

    - Press [Yes] and the NACs (dependent on their programming) will ring for a few seconds and then be reset automatically when a device is tested.

    - Press [No] and the NACs will not ring.

    - The panel can be set to test a range of zones. The display will prompt for the first zone to be tested:

    - Key in the number of the first zone to be tested. For example, for zone 12, press [1]+[2]+[Enter].

    - The display then prompts the last zone to be tested:

    - Key in the number of the last zone to be tested. For example, for zone 15, press ‘15 ENTER’.

    - The bottom line:

    When the display indicates that the panel is in ‘Walk Test’, the display will continue to show that walk test mode is active. If there is no activity for 20 minutes, the panel will terminate the test.

    - In the above example, any detector or initiating device going into alarm condition in zones 12, 13, 14 or 15 will:

    - Display an activation message on the alphanumeric display, write the event in the event log, sound the panel buzzer and illuminate the appropriate zone ALARM LED.

    - Turn on the LED at the sensor that initiated the alarm.

    - After a few seconds, the panel will be automatically be reset and the detector LED turned off. The panel is then ready to test the next detector. (Note: Up to one minute is allowed for smoke detectors to clear).

    - If an alarm signal is received from a zone other than those under test, then all NAC output and relay output circuits will activate as programmed for the zone in alarm. The NACs will continue to ring until silenced from the panel.

    - Press [No] to terminate the walk test. Output Test

    Access to this test option is only available to users with the Level 3 password.

    - To select the option, press [4] and then enter the password ‘####’.

    - To terminate the test, press [No].

    - The output test allows the relays and NACs to be individually operated. The first six outputs are reserved for the panel’s own onboard relay and NAC circuits as shown below:

    - Output 1 – Onboard Relay 1

    - Output 2 – Onboard Relay 2

    - Output 3 – Onboard NAC A

    - Output 4 – Onboard NAC B

    - Output 5 – Onboard NAC C (Not available on D8024 panel!)

    - Output 6 – Onboard NAC D (Not available on D8024 panel!)

    - On entering the test, the display will show the current state of the first output.

    - To advance to the next output, press the [>] or the [Yes] key.

    - To change the output state, press the [Change] key. The display will show the new state.

    The onboard NAC circuits are constantly monitored for correct end-of-line termination. A NAC error will be reported if one of the NACs is left in the operated test state for more than 5 seconds.

    Part numbers D10024A, D10024, D9024, D8024

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